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Handle flanged fully welded ball valves
Product overview
Handle flanged fully welded ball valves is a good energy-saving and environmental protection product. When the valve is shut off, the internal leakage can reach "zero leakage" state, which can reduce the loss caused by energy loss to the lowest point. Greatly improve the energy saving and accuracy of heat metering. The valve is composed of a fully welded body and carbon reinforced Teflon gasket, which can be operated frequently and operate for a long time in the presence of impurities and chemicals. The stainless steel ball with fine grinding can ensure that it can open and close freely for many years and operate reliably. The products are widely used in natural gas, oil, heating, chemical and thermal power pipe network and other long-distance pipeline fields, as opening and closing control devices. Compared with the same specification products in the same industry, the valve body is small and beautiful in appearance.