Do Bengal Cats Make Good Pets?

The exotic appearance of the Bengal cat is one of its appealing points. The spotted and stripped coat that point to the cat’s wild ancestry is certainly impressive. This interesting cat breed will not fail to attract attention because of its good looks. Bengal cats would certainly suit the taste of people that would want to have a pet that can be displayed. But would Bengal cats make good pets considering their wild ancestry? Apart from the outstanding looks they are also known for their affectionate personalities. A Bengal cat though is not for everyone. Most people would choose cats over dogs because of the cats’ placid personalities. Bengal cats’ personalities are a far cry from the usually calm, independent and rather haughty personalities of other domestic cats. Some people even believe that this breed is not pet-worthy. The Bengal cat though would grace the home and would be an ideal companion of a pet owner that would know how to handle the unique personality of this majestic cat breed.

Cats are noted for their independent personalities. Unlike dogs, cats would never consider the owner as the master. Cats though have gained the top slot on the list of most popular pets. The uncultivated character of cats appears to be one of the reasons why cats become favored pets. Pet parents that do not have much free time to interact with the pet would choose to have a cat. Unlike dogs that would develop destructive habits when not given enough opportunities to exercise or when ignored by the owner, cats would happily exist even without interaction with the owner. Bengal cats have an exotic appealing looks but they are not the average domestic cat. Bengal cats are cats in a dog’s clothing!

Bengal cat is a product of a cross between a domestic queen and an Asian Leopard Cat. Foundation cats and 1st to 3rd generation Bengal cats would be highly specialized pets…suitable only for experienced pet owners. These Bengal cats would not be a good choice for a pet of the average family specifically because they are not the average domestic cat. 1st to 3rd generation Bengal cats would still manifest the behaviors of its wild ancestors but this does not mean that these cats would be ferocious. Their unsuitability as a pet lies in the fact that the cats would have the tendency to be nervous and shy. Owners would also have a hard time training the cat to use the litter box.

From fourth generation onwards, Bengal cats would make good pets to an owner that does not need a quiet pet with a low key personality. Taking a Bengal cat for a pet is similar to choosing a dog. Bengal cats need a real two-way relationship with the owner because of their social temperament. These are very friendly and affectionate cats. This cat breed would thrive in situations where it is given opportunities to interact with the owners. Bengal cats would demand to be allowed to join family activities. These are intelligent, agile and active animals. Bengal cats can be taught tricks and just like a dog, it can easily master the fetching trick. Unlike other domestic cats, Bengals have a lot of energies to burn. To the consternation of the owners, these animals would leap on top of cupboards, would swing on curtains and tirelessly tear through the house. These reckless activities commonly result to broken vases and other ornaments. Bengal cats though are very affectionate animals that have the inclination to follow the favorite person around and demand to be cuddled and petted. The Bengal cat may manifest uncat-like behaviors but to the right owner, this cat breed would make a good pet that will provide the family companionship and endless entertainment.