Do cats age like dogs?

Dogs and cats are the most popular animal companions. It is common for households to have both these animals as pets. It is natural for loving pet parents to want to have the pets as long as possible. Pet parents can’t help but wonder if cats age in the same way as dogs do. Cats are noted to mature faster and to live longer than dogs. However, there is not much difference in the manner dogs and cat age. Aside from a few cat breeds, cats generally age like dogs.

Before studies have been conducted on how dogs age, it was generally believed that one human year is equivalent to 7 dog years. This assumption was based on the fact that the metabolic rate of dogs is about seven times the metabolic rate of humans. 75.8 years is the average life span of humans while in dogs the average life span is pegged at 10.8 years. This is another reason for the belief that one year in dog life is equivalent to 7 human years. These beliefs though proved to be inaccurate as a one year old dog can already give birth while a 7 year old human cannot. Experts have determined that the first dog year is equivalent to 15 human years. At two years, a dog is about 24 in human years. Four years is then added to every year after the dog has reached age two so that a 3 year old dog would already be 28 in human years; a 4 year old would be 32 and so on. The life span of dogs though would depend on several factors. Large breeds tend to have shorter life spans as compared to smaller breeds. The environment, the diet as well as hereditary factors are significant factors that affect a dog’s life span.

Cats age in practically the same way as dogs do although cats are known to age much faster than dogs and other animals. Of course there are exceptions. The Maine Coon for instance is a slow maturing breed thus it would not gain full maturity until it is 3 or 4 years in age. Just as with dogs, a one year old cat would already be a teenage human. The one year old cat would be about a 15 year old human…capable of reproducing but may not have the maturity of older cats. A 9 year old cat would already be celebrating its golden natal day and at 10 or 11, the pet would be a senior feline citizen. At 14, the cat would be geriatric pet.

The typical life span of cat is 15 years. Dogs have shorter life expectancy as the average life span of dogs is 10.8 years. However, these animals have become favorite pets. Due to comfortable lifestyle, highly nutritious foods as well as medical care, the average life span of these animals has significantly increased. Cats are now known to live till their mid-twenties.

Up to this very day, scientists have not yet found a scientific formula that can be used to accurately measure how cats and dogs age as compared to the aging pattern of humans.
What is known though is the fact that that dogs and cats age much faster than humans because of shorter life expectancy.