Do cats and dogs get along?

Can dogs and cats harmoniously exist in one household? Some pet parents would say yes…others would say no. Cats and dogs are often depicted as arch enemies. Dogs are energetic and friendly animals while cats are noted for their aloof and independent characters. This clash in personalities often results to endless chasing all over the house and the yard with the cat screaming bloody murder and the dog frantically barking. Cats and dogs that cannot get along would be a concern of the pet parents as it is common for people to have both these animals as pets. Cats and dogs are wonderful animals to have around thus people would often want to have at least one of each for a pet. However, there are instances when dogs and cats get along very well…these animals can in fact be very good friends.

The secret to having a cat and dog that would co-exist in harmony in one household is to allow these animals to grow together. This means getting a puppy and a kitten at the same time and raising them together. Cats and dogs would become good friends if these animals were socialized at an early age. At 4 months, a puppy would not manifest an aggressive temperament. Both the puppies and kittens are playful thus the pets would become playmates. This friendly relationship will exist until the pets have matured.

Introducing an adult dog to the resident adult cat or vice versa can be a concern as it would not be uncommon for the animals to detest each other. Cats would naturally be intimidated by the size of the dog. Even if the dog is being friendly and does not intend to harm the cat, its friendly overtures can be misconstrued by the cat as an attack. The hissing and worse, the unsheathed claws of the cat can start an all out war between the pets. A pet parent has to make the dog and the cat accept each other. Dogs generally see cats as prey. It would not be unheard of for dogs to attack the poor cat. On the other hand, a cat’s sharp claws can extensively injure a dog. This is why it would be necessary for a pet parent to plan how to introduce the pets.

Training dogs would be easier than training cats. It would be best if the dog is already trained to obey basic commands. “No Chasing” is one of the rules that must be learned by the dog. The owner should ensure the safety of the cat as dogs can easily kill these small animals. During the first stage of introduction, it would be best to have the dog on a leash. The cat can be confined in an area where both animals can see each other. After a few days, the dog can be allowed to be off leash as long as access to the area where the cat is confined is prevented. A baby gate can prevent the dog from chasing the cat. Dogs would have different reactions…some would not bother the cat while other would try to attack. This is where the importance of dog training comes in. The dog must obey the commands of the master. If the dog does not bother the cat, then it would be alright to allow the pets to mingle and to enjoy each other’s company.

Dog breeds known to have high prey drives would not get along with cats. These dogs would have the natural inclination to chase and to kill smaller animals. Cats would never be safe from these dogs. Anyone wanting to have a cat and a dog for pets should make sure that the dog chosen should not be one of the breeds noted to have high prey drives.