Do cats bleed before giving birth?

A cat owner that has planned the breeding of the pet would eagerly await the arrival of the kittens. Most cats would deliver without any problems. Generally, cats would not need human intervention. However, something can go wrong with the pet’s pregnancy. Cat owners would be on the lookout for any unusual behavior that the pet can manifest. An owner of a pregnant cat would worry if the pet is seen bleeding before giving birth. Surely this can be a sign that something is not right with the pet’s state of health. Cats really do bleed a few days before giving birth. This condition that is commonly called “bloody show” is a perfectly normal occurrence. Cat owners though can’t help but worry thus it would be a good idea to take the pet to a veterinary facility to get some useful advice from the experts.

If the cat owner calls a vet and describes the situation of the pregnant pet he/she will be told that the bleeding is a normal occurrence. The bloody mucus discharge is a sign that the cat will be giving birth in a few days. The developing kittens inside the cat’s womb would lie in the two horns that are connected to the central uterine cavity. At the end of the central uterine cavity is the cervix that is kept closed during the whole term of the cat’s pregnancy by a mucus plug. This mucus plug prevents bacteria from entering the uterus. A few days before the cat’s delivery date, the mucus plug that develops at the onset of pregnancy will detach from the cervix causing the cat to have a mucus discharge that is tinged with blood. The expulsion of the thick stringy mucus that can be yellowish or brownish in color and can be clear or cloudy is a condition commonly called Bloody show.

Bloody show is the expulsion of the mucus plug. Bleeding occurs when the blood vessels rupture as the cervix effaces and dilates in preparation for the delivery of the kittens. Bloody show occurs a few days before the delivery date. This is why owners that are not aware that this is a normal occurrence in pregnant cats would worry about the cat’s condition. Bleeding before giving birth is actually a cue for the pet parent to prepare the nesting box of the pet.

Heavy bleeding is expected during the actual deliver but not during pregnancy. If the bleeding occurs late in the pregnancy, the pet may be suffering from a miscarriage or delivering the kittens prematurely. Profuse vaginal bleeding is a sign of spontaneous abortion. The cat would eliminate a dead fetus. Vaginal bleeding that occurs before the delivery date can be an indication of other pregnancy concerns. Prompt medical attention must be sought to save the life of the pet and unborn kittens.