Do cats bleed when they are in heat?

How would you tell if your cat is in heat? Dogs in their estrus cycle would have bloody discharge. This is not so with cats as these animals do not bleed when they are in heat. All cats that were not spayed will repeatedly come in to heat because cats are polyestrus. At 4 months a female cat would attain sexual maturity. The cat would be in heat for 4 to 6 days. The estrus cycle widely varies but generally it would be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks. A cat in heat will show many signs … some would have a mucus discharge but these animals would not bleed when they are in heat.

A bloody vaginal discharge is a common sign that mammals manifest when they are in heat. This occurrence is called menstruation in humans. Humans and cats have very similar reproductive systems. In other animals bleeding will occur when the endomitrium, the thickened lining of the uterus is flushed out when the animal’s egg is not fertilized. Cats would not bleed when they are in heat because these animals are induced ovulators. Unlike other animals that goes through a process called ovulation where an egg is released by an ovary, cats would only release an egg when mated or when manually stimulated. Manual stimulation is commonly done by breeders that do not want to spay the pet because of future breeding plans but would want to take the cat out of the heat season sooner. As the cat would not release an egg unless mated, its reproductive system would have no reason to prepare the uterus beforehand unlike in other animals that would go through the ovulation process like clockwork. Cats are one of the species that absorbs the endomitrium if no conception occurs.

A cat in heat may have some vaginal discharge but definitely there will be no bleeding. A cat owner has to look for other signs that the pet is in heat. Cats in heat would generally show the same symptoms. A cat’s estrus cycle is also called “calling” because these animals would make a very distinctive long and loud yowl. This sound is the female cat’s way of making potential sexual partners aware that she is available. This kind of calling will go on until the cat in heat finds a sexual partner and is mated. Another way by which female cats in heat would advertise its availability is through spraying and urine marking. The urine that is usually directed on vertical surfaces like walls or doors contains higher levels of estrogen. Cats are normally aloof animals but a cat in heat would manifest an affectionate behavior. The cat that does not really enjoy being petted would suddenly become a lap pet, one that would cuddle against humans and against other animals. A cat in heat will be seen frequently licking the genital area and take the mating position. Even if male cats are not around, a female cat in heat would take the breeding stance. The cat would bend the forelegs and raise the rear end in the air. The tail will be held on one side and the legs would tread. It is common for cat in this position to call. An owner will know for certain if the cat is in heat simply by scratching behind the ear and the pet would take the breeding stance.