Do cats come back home?

One of the alarming things cat owners have to go through is to find the pet missing. It would not be surprising if the pet owner panics. Pets after all are considered as members of the family. In a household where there is only one pet, it would be common for family members to treat the cat as the baby of the family. Situations happen when the cat has strayed away from home. The family would do everything to find the pet. They would also hope that the pet would find its way home. Can cats that have wandered away from home come back? Some cats would come home…others would not.

Cats are very inquisitive creatures. Curiosity can get a cat killed…curiosity can also get a cat lost. An indoor cat can find an opportunity to wander if the owner has left the door ajar. Outdoor cats can be enticed to follow an interesting scent or movement. These pets would realize that they have gone away from home. Some pets are not really lost. The call of the Great Outdoors would be too much for an indoor cat to resist. The cat that takes advantage of the door left open would anticipate its freedom but would later on find out that it is not ready to face the new territory. The cat would go into defensive mode and hide from everything that is unfamiliar. The cat would even hide from its owners. This is one situation where the lost cat would came back home. After hiding for a while, the cat that has become accustomed to the new environment would come out of hiding and would go back home. The thought of the warm bed as well as the bowl filled with its favorite food would make the cat hurry back home. Cats have the inclination to wander. Tom cats would be gone away from home for a few days in search of sexual partners during the mating season. But these pets would always find their way home. Cats are creatures of habit. They are also territorial animals. Cats that are maltreated by abusive owners would not think of running away. And if ever they have wandered away, they would always return home.

Cats are often compared to dogs because these animals are the most popular pets. Dogs are believed to be more intelligent than cats as proven by their ability to adapt well to training. Cat owners are always heard complaining about the difficulty of training the pet. Cats however, have a sense of direction that is much better than dogs. Cats that have jumped on a car and taken miles away from home have managed to return. Scientists have explained this ability as the homing instinct of cats. There are no definitive reasons why cats can find their owners and the home base. It can be due to the cats heightened senses. Scientists associate this ability to the sensitivity cat have to the earth’s magnetic fields.

As most cat owners have experienced, not all cats can find their way home. Seriously injured cats would no longer be able to go back to its owners. Some cats that were lost were found by caring people. These fortunate animals have found a new home. Not all lost cats would have this good fortune…others would remain a stray. Cat owner can do something to prevent this situation from happening to the pet. Preventing the cat from wandering would be a daunting task. However, a simple collar with the owner’s contact information would help to get the lost cat come back home to be reunited with its owners.