Do cats eat bread?

Pet parents have the habit of sharing whatever is being eaten with the pet. A cat would get to taste the steak or the fish fillet the owner is having for dinner. Not many cats would say no to a dish of cream. Some cats are very demanding when it comes to feeding time thus an owner that is having breakfast would toss a slice of bread to the cat to stop it from yowling. Do cats eat bread? Yes. Some would even have an amusing way of eating the bread. A cat may shred the bread and then eat the pieces one by one. Other cats would eat only the center of the bread and leave the crust.

Around 1980s, a lot of cats have gone blind…others have died of heart problems. Studies conducted shed light to the causes of the problems. It was discovered that the cats’ health concerns were caused by taurine deficiency. There are various causes for a cat’s taurine deficiency but the most common is providing the cat with a kind of diet with plants as the main source of protein. Cats are obligate carnivores. Being one, cats, by nature would get their nutritional needs by consuming animal-based proteins. Protein, fat, water, vitamins and minerals are the basic nutritional requirements of cats. Proteins are very important in the development and growth of a cat. Protein is essential in tissue development and in the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. Cats need fats to improve the body’s absorption of certain vitamins. Fats of course make kitty’s food more palatable. Considering how finicky eater cats are, a cat owner would do every trick in the book to entice the pet to eat. Water is of course very necessary in every process the cat’s body has to go through. Although vitamins and minerals only take a small portion of the cat’s diet, both are necessary in the achievement of the cat’s optimum health. The protein and the fats needed by cats can be found in meat and fish.

It will be noticed that carbohydrate is not a basic nutritional requirement of cats. Does this mean that cats cannot eat bread? Cats can eat bread. A slice or two of bread won’t hurt the pet. Cats may not need carbohydrates in their diet but as long as the pet is provided with a diet that has the right amount of animal-based protein then everything will be okay. The carbs cats would get from bread would be the same as the starch, sugar and carbohydrates that will be obtained from dry cat foods. The fiber cats will get from eating bread will aid in the optimum functioning of the digestive system so that the constipation is prevented. Cats though need very negligible amount of carbohydrates. Unlike humans that need carbohydrates as a source of energy, cats would only need about 3% of carbohydrates in their diet. This is because when cat consume large quantities of animal based protein, they would convert the protein into energy. A cat can eat bread ONLY as a treat but not as its main diet. True, cats can survive on bread as its main diet but it can cause medical concerns like obesity and maldigestion. Cats lack the enzymes necessary to break down carbohydrates. Improperly digested carbohydrates would result to maldigestion. A cat’s diet that is mainly composed of bread will result to obesity. The extra glucose unused by the cat will be stored as fat thereby resulting to obesity.

Regular veterinary care is the cat’s first line of defense against various diseases. The right diet though is a very important factor to ensure the cat’s health and longevity.