Do cats eat dead people?

The horrifying thought that human’s dead body will be consumed by meat eating animals will offend our sensibilities. After all, our culture respects and considers bodies of dead people sacred. Our dead are given a dignified burial. Do cats really eat dead people? Cats are solitary animals that are noted for their independent and aloof personalities. However, cats do form a close relationship with their owners. Surely, there is no truth to the shocking tale of a reclusive cat owner that died and was eaten by the starving pet cats. Some cat wise people believe that in normal circumstances where cats would have another way of assuaging hunger, these animals would not eat dead people. However, unlike dogs that can go on for several days without eating meat, a cat that would not eat for more than 24 hours would suffer from hepatic lipidosis. Therefore, a cat that is locked up in a room with a human’s dead body would have no other choice but to eat the dead person.

Cats were designed by Nature to exist by eating meat. Unlike dogs that are omnivores, cats are strict carnivores. This means that while dogs would eat any other kind of food aside from meat, cats would thrive only with a kind of diet that is high in animal-based protein. Does this mean that cats would eat dead people? Cats are known to be finicky eaters. In a household where there are dog and cat pets, the pet parent would be more concerned on the food that will be given to the cat. This is due to the fact that cats would typically eat only fresh meat. In the wild, the common preys of cats are small fast moving animals. Cats normally finish off a rat, a lizard, a bird and any other small prey in one sitting. Aside from the small size of the prey cats really do love to eat warm food. Dogs, on the other hand have the inclination to bury any part of the prey that was not eaten. Dogs have the tendency to eat rotting and stinky meat but not cats. Cats are known to have fastidious grooming habits. Apparently, cats have fussy eating habits as well. More and more cat owners have switched to a raw food diet for the pet. Cat owners have found out that while the pet would filch chicken meat from the counter, it would not touch the beef on its food bowl. Cat experts believe that cats would not eat meat of animals that are not their prey. Beef, venison or lamb will be eaten only when cooked. It would take a while before the cats would finally develop a taste for these raw meats. With these arguments, it would be very hard to believe that cats can eat dead people.

Cats though are scavengers. In war ravaged areas, abandoned pet cats and stray cats would scavenge anything that will assuage the pangs of hunger. Typically, cats would not touch cold and decomposing flesh but because of hunger, cats would have no other choice but to eat dead people. For cats, the corpse would be the first resort given that these animals are obligate carnivores. Dogs, being omnivores would eat any kind of food that can be found. The corpse would then be the last option if nothing else is available. The cats’ jaws cannot be moved sideways. The jaws are adapted to eating small animals. Cats would therefore start eating the fingers and the toes and then move on to the face of the dead person.