Do cats eat scorpions?

Did you know that cats are the scorpion’s worst enemy? If you regularly find scorpions in your shoes, scorpions lurking in your closet and crawling up the leg of your pants…if you get stung by these critters every now and then, you better get a cat for a pet. Cats are very curious animals that generally sleep during the day and patrol its environment at night to hunt for rodents, vermin and insects. Scorpions are one the creepy crawlies that cats love to hunt…and eat!

Scorpions are predatory arthropods that are found practically in all continents. Scorpions are considered as exotic foods in some cultures. All scorpion species are known to have venoms although only very few species have venoms that can kill humans. Scorpion sting is pretty much the same as hornet or wasp sting although a bit more painful. The venom which is a mixture of enzyme inhibitors, neurotoxins and other compounds is primarily used to paralyze its prey so that it can be eaten. The venom is also used as a defense against predators. Scorpions are nocturnal opportunistic predators. During the day, scorpions would hide under rocks, underground holes, in wall crevices and in shady areas to get away from the heat of the day. Scorpions would come out at night to feed. Unfortunately (for the scorpions), night time is also the time when cats would play and patrol its territory.

Many people believe that cats are immune to scorpion stings. It is believed that scorpion venom has no effect on these feline friends. Cats though are not immune to scorpion venom. In fact, a small amount of venom can get a cat seriously ill because of its small body weight. However, apart from the thick fur that covers the cat’s body, cats are agile animals. Unlike humans that can step on a scorpion, it is highly unlikely for a cat to step on a scorpion. Moreover, cats can easily avoid the stinger. When a prey is encountered, a scorpion would first inject a painful pre-venom that will paralyze the prey. A potent sting is delivered only if is cornered or stepped on. Scorpions that meet cats would run away. This entices the cat to chase and to give the scorpion a mean wallop with its paw.

Scorpions eat bugs, spiders and other insects. Do cats eat scorpions? Lazy cats would leave the scorpions alone. Some cats would think that the crawly is another toy. Cats are obligate carnivores. Cats hunt mice, birds, lizards, frogs and other small animals. Cats though have a very curious nature. These animals are attracted to anything that moves. A cat would swipe its paw at a flying bee or butterfly and when the insect is felled, the cat would enjoy eating something different from its usual diet of canned cat food or dry kibble. As mentioned, a scorpion that meets a cat would usually run away. However, cats are faster and more agile. Cats would relentlessly pursue the scorpion, paw at it until it is killed. The scorpion will be eaten. The cat can consume the whole scorpions. There are also times when only the tail and the pincers will give the cat owner a clue that the pet had once again saved the people in the household from the scorpion’s painful sting.