Do cats fart?

Do cats fart? Yes. This noxious gas that comes from the stomach and excreted through the anus would make the giver feel relieved and make the receiver gag because of the stink. Dogs and cats fart and because pets are well loved; they are allowed to sleep with the owner. Cats even have the inclination to sleep on the owner’s pillow. What do you think would happen if the owner that is soundly sleeping would be awakened by the unpleasant smell made by the cat that is “saluting the queen?”

The expulsion of a mixture of usually noxious gases through the rectum is known as flatulence. Flatus is a mixture of carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide. This mixture of gases is a consequence of eating too fast so that too much air is swallowed. Flatus can also be a result of the digestion process. Build up of gas inside the stomach occurs if the food eaten cannot be digested easily. There are different words used in describing the passing of stinky gas from the body. Bombers, stinkers, rotten eggs, barking spiders are only some of the common terms used to describe flatulence.

Farting occurs in mammals and in other animals. This means that like the pet owner, a dog or a cat would fart too. Farts can be loud and silent. Most often, a loud fart is less stinky and a silent fart can be really deadly! The expulsion of gas goes through the same peristaltic process just like when feces from the large intestine are brought to the rectum. The pruutt sound occurs when the gas passes out of the rectum causing the anal sphincter to vibrate. The sound is also made when the gas passes forcefully through the closed buttocks.

Intestinal gas is a natural byproduct of the digestion process. Farting in animals is a greater concern of dog owners. Farting is more common in dogs than in cats. Dogs are voracious eaters. Dogs have the propensity to gulp the food thereby swallowing large amounts of air. Cats are dainty eaters but these animals are known to fart too. With cats, farting can be due to eating high protein rich food. Farting can also be an indication that all is not well with the cat’s digestive system.

Unlike a dog’s fart that is usually very loud, cats are silent bombers. Cat fart is seldom audible because the amount of gas produced is small and unlike humans, the muscles in a cat’s bottom are not tightly closed. Due to the low internal pressure in the gastrointestinal system, the gas will be released slowly. The stink though would be unbearable because cats produce dense and highly concentrated gas. Cats are carnivores. Cats’ high protein diet contains large amount of the odorous chemical sulfur.

Noxious gases will be produced if something is wrong with the cat’s digestive system. This problem occurs if the cat is given a pet food that is high in cereal fillers. Large amounts of carbohydrates in the cats’ commercial dry food can result to maldigestion. Ingested carbohydrates will be broken down in the digestive tract into usable forms by enzymes. Cats though are deficient in amylase enzyme thus carbohydrates are not adequately digested. Undigested carbohydrates will ferment. Bacterial growth will promote the production of gas. However, not all cats would suffer maldigestion problems from diets high on cereal fillers. These cats can easily tolerate the high levels of carbohydrates in the diet. A cat owner that is regularly exposed to the stinky fart of the pet has best consider changing the diet being given to the pet.