Do cats get bored?

Kittens are very playful and always inquisitive. Kittens would keep themselves occupied by investigating their environment. Because kittens can keep themselves amused all day, they seldom get bored. It would be a different story for mature cats. Maturity has gifted these cats with active minds. Mature cats would need activities that will stimulate their active minds. If the level of stimulation they need is not provided these cats would get bored and there is the possibility that the cat would develop unwanted behaviors. Surely cat parents would not want to deal with a “hard to manage” pet. What must a cat owner do to prevent the pet from getting bored?

Getting bored is not a dilemma of cats in the wild. Cats in the wild and domestic cats live different kinds of lives. Cats in the wild would need to hunt to survive. They need to protect their territory as well as themselves from the threat of predators. This is a greater concern of cats with young. These cats in the wild though have perfectly honed their abilities to survive. Occupied with the performance of all these activities, these ownerless cats have all the mental stimulation they need. Cats in the wild never get bored. This is not so with an indoor cat especially if it is a pampered pet. Cat owners will provide the pet with all its needs. Indoor cats don’t need to hunt. They don’t need to ward off the attacks of predators either. These cats that have nothing to do would spend the day grooming or sleeping. These cats can get bored. Domestic cats that are allowed to stay outdoors would have a better chance of gaining mental stimulation as they can hunt, they can play outdoors and occasionally they can fight other cats to protect their territory.

A new cat would get all the attention of the family. Family members would take turns in playing with the new pet. However, the novelty will soon wear off. The pet will be provided with all its basic needs but less attention will be given. The cat will be left alone at home all day. Cats are known to amuse themselves with grooming. These animals do a lot of sleeping too but when the grooming and the sleeping are done, the cat would have nothing else to do. The cat will then get bored. A bored cat is a stressed cat and once the cat is stressed it can develop unwanted habits.

Left to its own devices, the unhappy cat would find something that will occupy its time. Cats have the habit of ignoring old toys. To keep itself alert and happy, it would scratch furniture, climb curtains and jump everywhere knocking things down. The cat owner would find mayhem when he gets home. Bored cats would try to gain the attention of the human family.
The cat will forget to use the litter box. Excessive yowling and meowing is another way by which cats attract the attention of the owners.

Toys will prevent the pet from getting bored. However, the stock must be rotated as these animals easily lose interest with their old toys. Keep the pet interested by changing the toy every few days. Cats may have been born and raised as an indoor pet but the instinct to hunt remains. One trick to satisfy the pet’s instinct to hunt is to hide cat treats around the house. This trick will also provide the pet with mental stimulation. The cat will be engrossed in finding the hidden treats. Spending time with the pet though is the most ideal way of preventing the pet from getting bored.