Do cats get embarrassed?

Do cats have emotions? A lot of cat parent would recount the situations where the pet would manifest human-like feelings. We have certainly seen these pets angry. Cats would also show fear. Cat owners would aver that the pet can feel sadness and happiness. If this is so, would it be possible for cats to get embarrassed? People that have kept cats for years would attest to the fact that cats can really get embarrassed. Skeptics though would associate these beliefs to the pet parents’ tendency to anthropomorphize.

Cats are stoic when it comes to pain. Cats would show immense endurance during adversities. Pain would make other animals cry or howl but not cats. Cat owners have to be very perceptive to be able to know that the pet is injured, sick or in pain. However, cats do get depressed. Pet parents have recently come to learn the signs and the causes for the cat’s depression. Cats would show signs of happiness too. The purring if the cat is a sure sign that it is happy. Of course we have seen cats fearful of the dog which is a more dominant animal. Cats would show affection and grief as well. Because of these emotions, it is believed that cats get embarrassed too.

Charles Darwin is one of the scientists that believed animals to have emotions. Further studies have confirmed the theory that cats indeed have varying degrees of emotions. Compared to dogs, cats are less expressive of their emotions because felines are solitary animals. Although cats are predators, they are also the prey of bigger and more dominant animals. Cats are therefore hardwired to hide pain, injuries and illness. Cats are as well programmed not to show embarrassment. But do cat really get embarrassed?

The cat may get embarrassed if it is dressed in outlandish costumes by the cat owner so that the sight of her image in the mirror would make the poor cat hide under the bed. Cats have different personalities thus these animals would show different reactions to embarrassment. A cat that miscalculates the distance between the stair and the top of the cupboard would fall flat on its face. What an embarrassment! However, the cat that has lost face would walk nonchalantly as if nothing happened. Cats are noted for their high and mighty personalities but cat owners would surely be aware that there is a funny bone in the cat’s body. These animals can make tear run down the owner’s face with their silly antics. Cats love boxes. A box will be sniffed, pawed and investigated. Imagine how hilarious it will be if the box overturned trapping the cat inside. This will result to frantic scratching and incessant yowling. Guess what will happen when the cat is rescued. Again, the cat would walk away…casually hiding its embarrassment. One word of advice: No matter how funny the antics of the cat are, never dare to laugh…hide the giggle or the precious pet will get embarrassed.