Do cats get high?

A warm fuzzy sensation that course throughout the body, a giddy feeling that would make the most mundane situation hilarious or exciting, heightened senses that create relaxed and euphoric sensation…these are some of the sensations a person that gets high would experience. Can cats get high too if the cat owner has exposed the pet to substances that gets them high? All animals can get high if intoxicating substances or drugs are ingested or inhaled. It is therefore possible for cats to get high in the same manner that humans can get high off marijuana. However, it is also possible for these substances to endanger the cat’s life.

Cat owners love these animals. Cat owners would share their beds with their pets. It has become a habit of people to share whatever food is being eaten with the pet. Unfortunately, some cat owners with adventurous spirits would share not only their food with the pet. The substances or the drugs that get them high would be shared as well. Marijuana is one of the substances that would get a person high. Some cat owners would intentionally expose the pet to the smoke or allow the pet to consume food items laced with marijuana just to be able to see the effects the weed would have on the pet. In some cases, the pet would be accidentally exposed to the smoke of the marijuana. Cats are very curious animals. Bits of marijuana leaves or the dried portions of the plant can be ingested by the very curious cat. Would the pet get the same kind of high people get when they use these intoxicating substances?

Some cats would have a have a semblance of the high humans get, other would not. Instead of getting high, a cat can get into a kind of situation that we humans call “bad trip”. Instead of the euphoric or the fuzzy feeling, a cat that was exposed to marijuana would be lethargic and experience hallucinations. Cats can display disorientation, anxiety and impaired balance so that it would stagger and fall down when it tries to walk. Just like a drunk human, the cat would drool excessively and vomit. When a lethargic cat vomits aspiration of the vomit into the lungs is possible. Intoxicated cat would lose bladder and bowel control. Cats that have ingested marijuana would not only get high. Cat deaths are known to happen due to the fatal effects of ingested or inhaled marijuana. 1.5 grams of marijuana ingested per pound of body weight would be enough to kill a cat. Any kind of intoxicating drug would have dangerous effects on cats because of their sensitive system. The intensity of the intoxicating effect would depend on the amount consumed but normally the effects would wear away after an hour or two. Exposure to substances that would get the cat high would not have lasting effects. Complications though like injuries that would occur while the pet is intoxicated are possible.

Cats that have consumed large amounts of the substances that would get humans high would suffer symptoms similar to poisoning. The pet would naturally need medical attention. However, most owners would be reluctant to get medical help for the pet given that the substances are regulated.