Do cats get rid of mice?

Cats are highly esteemed in many parts of the world because of these animals’ excellent hunting abilities. And what do cats hunt? Mice of course! Got mice problems? Did a mouse gnaw a hole in your Hermes bag? Mice are prolific producers…the pair that runs around the house will soon become a colony of pests that would create destruction in your home. A pesticide-free remedy to your dilemma is to get a cat. Cats would effectively get rid of the pesky mice.

Cats that have existed in the wild become domesticated. The hunting ability has opened doors for these furry animals. Cats are rodent hunters. Cats were highly prized by ancient Egyptians… even worshipped as gods because these animals have saved the Egyptians’ grains from mice. From arid lands, cats were transported by sea farers to other parts of the world. Cats have kept ships free of mice. A cat by the name of Towser had bagged the world record for killing more than 28,000 mice.

The association of cats with humans started when humans started growing crops. Mice, rats and other pests would gravitate to where the grains are stored. Cats were admired because of their abilities to keep mice from grain storage facilities. Add to this is the fact that cats possess behaviors that are acceptable to humans. Hunting mice is a natural behavior of cats because these animals are perfect carnivores. Unlike dogs and other animals that can survive from eating any kind of food, cats were designed to eat animal flesh. Cats would have no use for plant based protein. In the wild, cats have to hunt whether they like it or not. Cats are stealthy hunters. The razor sharp claws and the pointy teeth are ideal tools that make cats excellent hunters.

Cats were domesticated. Cats were provided with all the food they can eat. These animals no longer need to hunt to survive. However, domestication has not removed the cat’s instinct to hunt. Cats are attracted by fast moving small animals. Whenever a rat or a mouse is seen, the cat would chase. Cats indeed have excellent abilities to hunt. Cats have gained the reputation of being first rate mice eradicators. Can cats really get rid of mice?

Not all cats are excellent hunters…not all cats would run after a mouse. An owner that takes a cat in for the specific reason of getting rid of the pesky mice may be in for disappointment. Some cat owners have attested to the fact that their pets ignored the mice that are running around. The cat’s inclination to ignore the mice cannot be blamed on domestication and abundance of food. True, domestic cats don’t need to hunt mice because they are regularly provided with enough food. The pet may have been declawed but the cat can easily whack a mouse with its paws. It appears that these individuals do not possess the instinct to hunt. For a cat to be an excellent mouser, it has to have a high prey drive. It is also believed that cats that have not learned hunting tactics from the mother would have no inclination to hunt. Cats are born with the instinct to hunt but with the mother’s tutelage, the kitten will become more adept hunters. A cat owner would be very lucky if the pet is an excellent mouser. Imagine having an in-house mouser for 12 to 18 years. Hunting mice is the traditional image of cats. Look how Tom would keep on hounding Jerry. However, because of different personalities, not all cats would be ideal mousers. If your pet appears to have no interest in mice, you better invest in good mouse traps. The pet may not be a good mice hunter but it would surely provide you with affectionate companionship.