Do cats get sore throat?

Sore throat is a common concern of humans. Air flows through the throat and the tonsils making these areas prone to infection. Air that is contaminated with bacteria and viruses as well as the pollutant found in the environment can attack the throat tissues and cause inflammation and pain. Sore throat occurs not only in humans but in animals too. Your very own kitty can experience the pain and difficulty in swallowing because cats, like their human friends can get sore throat too.

Sore throat is a physical symptom of the inflammation of the throat tissues. Sore throat would cause a painful and burning sensation on the throat. The pain would make swallowing difficult so that the affected cat would drool excessively. The cat will frequently gulp and swallow saliva but it is obvious that the pet is in pain. A cat with a sore throat may be reluctant to eat or altogether turn away from food as swallowing would be very painful. The cat may be enticed to take in liquids because of hunger but the pain would oftentimes make the liquid go back through the nasal opening. Sore throat would make the cat gag. The pain will make the cat shake the head. Again, because of the pain it would not be uncommon for the cat to hold the neck stiffly so that the head will protrude unnaturally. Owners of cats with sore throat would notice the change in the voice of the pet. There are instances when the purring or the meowing would come out like a croak because the voice has turned harsh. Severe sore throat would make the cat temporarily lose the voice.

Infection is the most common cause of sore throat. The infection can be caused by viruses or by bacteria. The cat’s condition can be due to immune system issues. Sore throat can be associated with the cat’s allergic reaction to new foods or new products. The inflammation of the throat tissues can be caused by partial blockage caused by a foreign object that was stuck on the cat’s throat. The cat may have ingested a fish bone, a sliver of bone of its prey that has scratched the throat. The pain on the throat can be caused by a mass or a growth that causes the inflammation of the tissues. The sore throat of the cat can be associated with a dental problem.

Just as with humans, the sore throat of the cat can be gone after a day or two without any treatment. However there are also cases where the condition of the pet would persist and would get worse. It would not be wise to give the pet human medication for sore throat. A vet visit is imperative as the pet would need a thorough physical examination. The vet can perform laryngoscopy and swabs can be taken and submitted for bacterial culture. The treatment would depend on the cause of the condition. However, it is common for vets to give a broad spectrum antibiotic if the cause of the cat’s sore throat is not yet identified.