Do cats go off to die?

The death of the pet would cause the pet parent so much anguish. Cats are considered as family members and as such, owners are duty bound to stay with the pet during its last hours no matter how painful it would be. Unfortunately, there are situations where the cat owner is not given the opportunity to say goodbye to the pet. A cat can meet an untimely end from a road accident. This situation will be more painful as the pet parents were not given the chance to prepare for the death of the pet. Cat owners would accept the eventual death if the pet has a terminal condition. The cat parents are ready to make the pet comfortable…to be with the pet during the last hours but the pet has decided to go off and to die alone. Do cats really go off to die ALONE? Yes. For some reasons, some cats would rather take the last breath in a secluded place away from the loving owners.

We know cats to be solitary animals. Cats have independent personalities. Dogs being pack animals would be anticipating some kind of support from the pack members. An injured dog will go back to the den to growl and howl in pain. Cats are not pack animals but in the wild these animals typically live in colonies. Feral and stray cats in suburban areas live in colonies too. However, instead of returning to the colony a dying cat would go off to die alone. The decision is actually noble as the dying cat would want to save the other cats from predators that would be drawn by the smell of the carrion.

Going off can be a cat’s survival mechanism. Injuries and illnesses would weaken a cat. Weakness will make a cat vulnerable to predators. A cat that is about to die will be weak thus it will find a secluded place where it can be safe from predators. Cats are good at hiding pain. A cat that is about to die may be in pain. Going off can be the cat’s effort to get away from what is causing the pain. Cats are often viewed as aloof animals. Cat may not be big on showing affection but these animals surely form a strong bond with the people that care for them. Cats are even known to empathize with the owners. A lot of studies have been made on feline behavior but there are cat behaviors that cannot be explained by scientists. There are situations were cats have unerringly saved the life of their masters. Cats are very perceptive animals. It is possible that the dying cat that goes off wants to save the owners from the agonizing situation of watching a beloved pet pass away.