Do cats go to heaven when they die?

Because of the love people have for their pets, it is not uncommon for these pet parents to wish that the dog, the cat or any other pet would go to heaven when they die. This wishful thinking was imparted to the kids. This is probably the reason why children would have the same notion. Ask a kid if the pet cat or pet dog would go to heaven and without batting an eyelid, the kid would answer yes! Do they really go to heaven? Would a cat go to heaven when it dies? There is no definitive answer to this issue.

The thought that the pet would go to heaven when it dies would be comforting to a grieving pet owner. Aside from the companionship, pets bring so much enjoyment to people’s lives. Cat owners can’t imagine life without the pet. Heaven is a promise of everlasting peace and happiness…a place where there is no hunger, no pain, no diseases, no war and no sufferings. Heaven is pictured as a garden filled with trees swaying in the gentle breeze, fragrant flowers and rivers and falls with crystal clear waters. Anybody that follows the words of God to be able to enter heaven would want to have the loved ones with them. Aside from the family members, it would not be surprising if people would want to have their pets in heaven too.

However, no one can be sure if pets would be able to go to heaven when they die. For humans to gain entry to heaven, they need to be guided by the Bible with the choices they have to make. Humans are fallen beings…sinners that need to be redeemed. Humans have to choose good over evil to be saved. More importantly, humans can only enter heaven when they die if they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The righteous path people choose to live is a preparation for the beautiful life that would come after death.

Cats are not sinners…cats do not have a mean bone in their bodies. Cats don’t need to be guided by the scriptures to be able to be righteous. Cats do not need to be redeemed. Salvation and the promise of heaven is a certainty for these animals. However, theologians have noted that nothing was mentioned about cats going to heaven in the Bible. The Bible mentioned humans and angels which are spiritual beings. It appears that humans will not be able to live with the pets in heaven when they die because cats and other animals do not have souls and therefore would have a different fate.

Cats may not have souls that would qualify them to enter heaven. Cats were not described in the Bible as one of the creatures in heaven. However, I would like to believe that God would take care of all His creations. Heaven is pictured as a place of unspeakable beauty…a place that was prepared by God for His creations. We are presently in a universe where we are given the free choice to opt for the righteous path that will enable us to be in heaven when we die. God has created pets to teach humans the meaning of love, compassion, mercy and understanding. Our God is a loving and compassionate God. God has created a place where His deserving servants would be happy. It is therefore believed that cats and other pets would go to heaven when they die and wait for the time when they will be reunited with their owners.