Do cats go to heaven?

Do cats (and other pets) go to heaven? Because of the attachment we form with our pets we want these loving animals to be with us in heaven. The animated film “All Dogs go to Heaven” tell viewers what dogs must do to be able to go to heaven. What about cats…do they go to heaven too? Without any hesitation kids would answer in the affirmative. Adults though would have different views. Some would say yes. Other people would say no. A survey on this argument was made and 47% of the respondents answered YES and 35% answered NO.

The Bible indicates that the universe was created by God to allow spiritual beings to choose whether to spend eternity with Him in heaven or not. Heaven is a reward…a promise of salvation, redemption and resurrection. Going to heaven though does not happen automatically. Anyone that has decided to be with God has to walk the righteous path and more importantly has to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. In effect, the Bible serves as an instruction manual that will guide people with the right decision they need to make to be able to enter heaven. While there are specific instructions how humans can gain salvation, nothing was said about the salvation of animals.

The Bible says that anyone that has accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior will be given a spiritual body when the appointed time comes given that only spiritual bodies and not physical bodies can enter heaven. This is one of the arguments of people that do not believe cats will go to heaven. Cats (and other animals) are non-spiritual or soulless beings. The lack of spirit is one reason why cats do not go to heaven. Humans need redemption because they are “fallen” beings. Humans have the freedom to choose between good and evil. Although not everyone would believe, it is a common notion that salvation and heaven are inextricably linked with choosing to walk the difficult but righteous path…to choose good over evil deeds. Cats do not belong to the “fallen” beings thus these animals do not need to be redeemed specifically because they are not sinners. Aside from this fact, cats would not know how to choose between good and evil.

Cats being non-sinners is the specific argument of pro heaven folks. The Bible says that redemption is necessary requirement before anyone can enter heaven. As cats do not need to be redeemed, they can surely enter heaven. These people believe that cats just like people have souls thus just as there are heavenly people there are also heavenly animals. Certainly, cats can go to heaven. God loves everything He has created…He takes care of all His creations. Cats are His creations thus these animals have every chance of entering heaven. Although the Bible is not clear on whether there are animals in heaven, this glorious and peaceful place is pictured in people’s mind as a place with soft breeze, with trees and with colorful butterflies flitting among the beautifully colored and fragrant flowers, with flowing sparkling waters and with animals placidly lounging on lush green grass.

Pet cats would not wonder (and care) if they go to heaven or to hell but we pet owners would want to have our pets with us wherever our destination would be. People do not know what plans the Lord has for our pets but it is certainly hoped that these animals would not be doomed. Pet owners would want to be in this glorious place with their pets. Paradise would certainly be a wonderful place if people would have their pets with them.