Do cats have a memory?

Have you ever wondered what the cat is thinking when it stares at nothing? Can it be possible that the cat is thinking of its younger days when it is playing with its littermates? Or is the pet thinking of the time when it is tormented by the neighbor’s big dog. Studies have proven that cats have the ability to acquire knowledge. This means that cats have a memory too.

Some people would scoff at the idea that cats have memory precisely because cats cannot be taught to do tricks. Some cats would not even adapt to housebreaking training. Oftentimes, cats would be unresponsive to the attention of the owners thus it is not uncommon for cats to be viewed as dumb animals. Recent research though has shown that cats have a kind of memory that is even much better than that of dogs and other animals. The memory of cats is about 200 times more than the memory of dogs. Cats are intelligent creatures. Your kitty has a brain that is pretty similar to yours thus your pet (just like you) has the capacity to learn. Studies on felines have proven that these animals have memory.

It was proven that cats, similar to humans have long term and short term memory. The only difference is that cats have selective memory. Your pet would only retain the information on things, situations and events that it chooses to remember. Additionally, cats would only have memory for the things that had made significant impacts on their life. A cat would only use its memory on things that it considers important and relevant to its existence. Cats cannot tell time but these animals would form a beeline to the kibble bin when dinner time comes. Although it is possible that this action is triggered by hunger, cats that have just devoured a prey or one that has just received a treat from the owner would also go to the food dish when the time to eat comes. This shows that cats can remember that it is already dinner time.

Stressful and painful events will be remembered vividly by cats. A cat that has received harsh treatment from a cruel owner will cringe. The pet may even run away when the person that has inflicted the pain is seen. A vet visit can be a traumatic experience for the cat. It would not be uncommon for the stressed cat to vault once the veterinary clinic or the vet is seen. Obviously, good memories will be remembered by the cat with pleasure. The pet will have memory of the treats it receives every time the owner goes grocery shopping thus it would eagerly sit by the front door and wait for the owner to come home. That cats have short memory was proven but do cats have long memory too?

A lot of cat owners have been amazed at the cat’s ability to come home after being parted from the family for years. Losing the pet is one of the greatest fears of cat owners given the fact that these animals are often considered as family members. A cat owner would be very fortunate is the pet is found. Cat owners typically accept that the pet can no longer be found if it was lost for months. However, we have heard of stories of lost cats that managed to find their way home after being lost for years. What is more amazing is the fact that the cat would recognize the owners and also remember where its toys are kept and where the litter tray and its bed are positioned. All these tales prove that cats indeed have a memory.