Do cats have eyebrows?

Have you ever noticed whether your beloved kitty has an eyebrow or not? Cats are well loved pets. Cat parents that treat the cat not only as a pet but as the baby of the family would notice every little thing the pet does. The extraordinary whirl of fur on the cat’s back will be noted. The kink in the tail will be noticed as well. But what most pet owners would fail to notice is whether the pet has eyebrows or not. This can be due to the fact that the cat’s face is already covered with hair thus people and even cat owners would not be interested in knowing if a cat is sporting eyebrows. If a cat’s face is closely examined, it will be noticed that these animals do not have eyebrows.

Cats can never claim shortage of body hair. Apart from the hair that fully covers the body, cats have 12 whiskers on either side of the nose. Special whiskers are also found on the cat’s paws and legs. On the area above the cat’s eyes, hairs that are bigger than the ordinary hair that covers the body will be seen. Cats do not have eyebrows but they have tactile hairs on the spot where eyebrows should be.

So what is an eyebrow and what can be the reason why cats do not have this type of hair? Eyebrow is the area above the eyes that has delicate hair. The hairs commonly follow the shape of the eyes. In humans, eyebrows would enhance the appearance of the eyes and give a person a distinct look. It is not unheard of for people (especially women) to modify the shape of the eyebrows. The shape is modified by removing hair through plucking, waxing and other hair removal methods. Cosmetics are used to give the eyebrows a fuller look. The function of eyebrows goes beyond the aesthetic. Eyebrows protect the eyes from sweat and from moisture. The eyebrows protect the eyes from dust and other small particles that can cause eye irritation.

Eyebrows may not be necessary to give a cat a distinct appearance. Even without eyebrows, cats are already beautiful animals. However, cats would benefit from the eyebrow’s function of providing the eyes protection against dust and other irritants. Cats are predators. A hunting cat would intently stare at the prey. With a blink of an eye, the prey can get away. Dust or sweat that gets into the eye would make the cat blink. Has Nature been unkind to cats for not giving these animals eyebrows? Apparently not because a cat’s face is already covered with fur…fur that would provide the cat the same protection that eyebrows would provide.