Do cats have memories?

Studies have proven that cats have the capability to think and to learn. Scientists have proven that these animals have problem solving abilities too. With an intelligence that is comparable to the intelligence of a six year old human, cats definitely have memories.

Pet owners would always be proud to boast about the tricks learned by their pets. As such, cat and dog owners would have ongoing debates on the intelligence of the pets. Cat owners would naturally assert that their pets are more intelligent. Dog owners would contest this notion. Dogs have different kinds of tricks in their repertoire. Cats are solitary animals noted for their independent personalities. Unlike dogs, these animals would be very difficult to train. Cats would not even come when called. As such, cats are often thought to have no intelligence. Because cats are not smart, they would have no memories as well.

The physical structure of a cat’s brain is very similar to the structure of human brain. Studies show that just like our brain, a cat’s has about the same emotional mapping. It was concluded that cats have memories. Your furry friend is capable of short and long term memory. Additionally, cats appear to have a spatial recall that is more impressive than what dogs have. Cats have a special kind of intelligence. Learning is started as soon as kittens are old enough to observe and to imitate the mother cat. Information learned through trial and error will be retained for life. Cats are crafty animals. How do you think would a cat survive in the wild? Unlike dogs that would hunt, eat and live with the pack, cats would have to manage on their own. Through constant practice, the inborn abilities as well as the learned skills will be refined. Studies have concluded that cats have excellent memories because knowledge and skills that were acquired will be retained for life. Once adopted, a stray cat would no longer need to hunt as it will be regularly provided with food. Does this mean that the cat will forget how to hunt? Definitely not! When an opportunity is provided, the stray cat turned pampered home companion will run after the prey with alacrity.

Cats have memories but these animals would only remember what they want to remember. Cats never forget but these furry friends are known to have selective memories. What kinds of events or objects are most likely to be well marked in a cat’s mind? Cats will retain the memory of threatening situations. A cat that has learned that a carrier means a visit to the vet would immediately hide when the owner is seen taking out the carrier. Not all people are cat lovers. One member of the family that has abusive tendencies may deal the cat with a kick every time it is seen. The cat would learn to hide once the abusive person is sighted. A onetime encounter with an aggressive dog will make a cat learn that dogs are dangerous animals thus it would run away or scamper to a safe place every time a dog is seen. Cats would also remember the care and affection given by a loving owner. A cat that is accustomed to getting a treat from the owner would patiently wait by the door for the owner’s arrival. Studies have shown that spatial recall is the cat’s specialty. These animals’ have at least 16 hours spatial recall while dogs are known to have only five minutes. Spatial recall is the capability to remember the environment. Cats that got lost can find their way home because they would recognize their environment.