Do cats have memory?

Studies have proven that cats have the kind of intelligence comparable to what monkeys have. The retentive memory of cats is 200 times better than the memory of dogs. People would be surprised at these facts given that cats would seldom show signs of their intelligence.

Cats get lost every day. Losing a pet would be a nightmare for cat owners as these animals are highly valued pets. Cat owners’ first concern would be the safety of the cat thus everything will be done to find the pet. Cat owners would also be concerned about the possibility that the pet will no longer recognize them. This is a common problem of owners that were separated from the cat for quite a while. Cats’ brains are very similar to human brains. Cats’ brains would therefore function just as human brain would. Studies on feline behavior showed that these animals learn through observation and imitation. Cats, just like humans would go through a lot of trial and error before the information is retained. Cats may not be as energetic as dogs but these animals are very inquisitive. Cats’ visual memory is more heightened than dogs’ thus information learned while exploring its environment is retained much longer.

Do cats have the ability to remember? Do cats have good memories? Cat lovers would answer in the affirmative. Cat owners that would want to be remembered by the pet would definitely answer yes. However, there will always be antagonists. How can cat owners attribute the pet with memory when these animals would not even adapt well to training? Some cats would not even remember the location of the litter box. A cat that has managed to get outside through the kitty flap would not remember to enter the house through the same route. Of course there is an explanation for this. Cats have been domesticated for hundreds of years but these animals have remained enigmas. Cat owners are aware of the pet’s otherworldly nature. Cats have become man’s friends…some have even bonded closely with the owners. However, cats have remained independent. Cats have memory…cats would remember the tricks that were taught by the owners but cats would choose whether to follow the commands or not. Dogs are pack animals thus they would inherently want to please the leader of the pack. This would be done by following the commands. Cats are solitary animals. Although they have bonded well with the human family, cats may choose not to be receptive to the training. This does not mean that cats do not have memory. Cats simply have selective memories.

Memories associated with pleasure and pain will be more marked in a cat’s mind. Cats will definitely remember the maltreatment suffered from an abusive owner. Although cats are not big on showing their affection to humans, these animals tend to sidle against the legs or to jump on the lap of the owners. A maltreated cat though would immediately run away so as not to be on the path of the abusive person that may give the cat a kick. Unpleasant situations like a visit to the vet’s will be remembered by the cat as well. Just like a child that would cry and try to run away at the sight of a doctor, a cat may vault from the arms of the owner when the vet is seen. Pleasant situations will be remembered by the cat as well. A cat that loves being groomed would instantly jump in the owners lap once the grooming brush is seen. Studies have proven that cats have long time memories as well. Lost cats that have found new homes would still remember the former owners even though the former owner would have trouble recognizing the pet especially if it has been lost for a long while.