Do cats have nine lives?

Cats are believed to have nine lives because these animals appear to have an uncanny ability to dodge death. This famed life-saving ability allows cats to survive in situations that will already snuff the lives of other animals. Cats’ nine lives though is only a myth. Just like any other animal, your kitty and all the other cats only have one life.

Cats that fall from high places can survive usually with only a few minor bruises. Similar accidents would already have fatal results in other animals. Cats that get into highly dangerous situations can extricate themselves and remain unscathed. Cats have an amazing life saving ability but the nine lives is only a myth. Cats are believed to be lucky animals but there are instances when luck would not smile on these furry friends. A dangerous situation can result to the death of the cat.

Pet owners are aware that the cats’ nine lives is only a myth. This myth has stemmed from the cats ability to survive a great fall by landing squarely on its feet. However, cat lovers can’t help but wonder where this myth originated. Cats are one of today’s most popular household pets. Before felines have become pampered pets, these animals were esteemed and given the highest regard by people. Cats were even worshipped as gods. The nine lives can be traced back to ancient times. In ancient Greek mythology, the sun god Atum-Ra is believed to have given life to nine gods. These gods are collectively known as Ennead or Nine, nine being a mystic number. Legend has it that Atum-Ra took the appearance of a cat and infused the souls of the gods with power that will protect them from evil. Ancient people believed that similar to the gods, cats too have nine lives. The existence of cats has always been shrouded in mystery. Cats are associated with occultism and witchcraft. Witches use cats as their familiar. During witch trials it is believed that witches can take the life of a cat nine times. The flashing light in the eyes…the pupil that shrunk and enlarge…the famed psychic ability gave these aloof animals an aura of mystery. Even in today’s times, cats are still associated with eerie happenings. A black cat and a pointy witch hat are usual Halloween symbols. These are reasons why cats are believed to have nine lives.

The “nine lives” though is only a myth. Science has explained why cats can cheat death. Cats’ remarkable ability to survive accidents like falling from great heights is attributed to some advantages these animals have. Cats’ low body weight will soften the impact. Aside from this fact, the well developed inner ears give cats an enhanced sense of balance. This impressive sense of balance allows a falling cat to adjust its position so that the impact will be lessened when it reaches the ground. In an experiment, a cat was hurled down from a building. The descent was captured on camera that took about 60 images of falling cat per second. It was noted that the cat rights itself while falling down. The body is twisted to an angle; the head, legs and tail are positioned so that an umbrella effect is achieved. Because the body is spread so, the fall is slowed down because the air will push against a larger area. Because the body and the legs were readied a stable landing will be achieved. The impact will be lessened as the cat lands on all fours. As injuries that can cause the cat’s death are avoided, these animals are famed to have nine lives.