Do cats have orgasms?

The mating of cats can be a noisy and can even appear as a violent affair. Judging by the caterwauling of the female cat, it would seem that the sex act causes the female cat so much pain. And yet, the female cat would again be at it a few minutes after…the female cat would again accept the attention of another suitor. Do cats have orgasm? Do cats get some form of satisfaction from the mating act? Does the pleasure makes female cats endure the pain associated with copulation? Scientists that have studied animal sexual behavior believe that it is highly possible for cats to have orgasm. Cats can reach a pleasurable climax but it is not possible to directly measure the enjoyment these animals get from having sex.

Cats are polyestrous animals. Your kitty would almost always be in heat and during the mating season, it would come a-calling and eager toms would be seen milling around the queen’s house. A female cat in heat would be receptive of the attention of male cats. First time cat owners and people that have not yet witnessed mating cats would worry about the safety of the pet. A female cat would scream as if it is being murdered. The pain would make the female cat violent so that the owner of the tom would worry about the safety of the pet from the unsheathed claws of its partner. Cat mating appears to be a violent affair because a male cat’s penis has barbs that would rake against the queen’s vaginal walls when withdrawn. Female cats are induced ovulators and the backward facing barbs of the penis have the function of inducing the female cat to ovulate. With all the discomfort and the pain cats would go through while mating, one would think that these furry animals derive enjoyment from sex by the way they would copulate every chance they can get.

It was once believed that animals mate only for the purpose of reproduction. Only humans and a few species of animals perform the sexual act for pleasure. Cats are one of the animal species that do not mate for reproduction. When a tom pursues a queen and the queen allows to be mounted by the tom, both animals do not think of creating offspring. Studies on animal sexual behavior have proven that the sexuality of animals is stimulated by sight and scent. The positive experience gained by cats during the sexual act entices these animals to copulate. Additionally, female cats have clitorises. Scientific studies have proven that cat clitoris functions in the same manner as with human females. It is therefore highly possible for cats to have orgasms.

Orgasm is defined as the sudden release of the sexual tension that has accumulated during sexual stimulation. In human females, orgasm is characterized by quick contraction of the muscles in the lower pelvic area as well as the muscles around the anus and the vagina. Uterine and vaginal contractions are experienced as well. In human males, orgasm is associated with ejaculation. What are the signs of orgasm in cats? Orgasm in cats and in other animals is difficult to measure. Cat owners though have noticed that a cat on a pleasurable climax would have a different facial expression. Scientists though have associated the different facial expressions, the different body movements as well as the sounds that the cat makes that are followed by the relaxation of the muscles as signs that the cat has had orgasm.