Do cats have souls?

Companionship, joys and enjoyment…these are what pets bring to our lives. Cats have become one of the most valued pets. People that have formed strong bonds with the pet cannot imagine life without them. The grief of losing a pet would somehow be lessened by the thought of being reunited with the beloved companion in the afterlife. But is it possible for people to be with their cats or their dogs in heaven? Do cats and other animals have souls? Although unsupported by scientific evidences, I firmly believe that my cats have souls.

Who can ever prove that there is God? No one can be very sure that righteous people would go to heaven or that people have souls? Although unsupported by scientific proofs, we simply choose to believe that there is a God and there is a heaven. People choose to worship an unseen God. God’s creations are believed to have souls although soul is as well unseen. There is no need to prove the existence of God, of souls and heaven because faith is not a science. Animal caretakers would believe that their pets have souls that will survive after death. Many cat owners believe that the souls of their pets just like the souls of humans are immortal. Christian cat owners would love to believe that the pets have souls so that when the time comes, they can be reunited in heaven.

What is a soul? A soul is the essence of a human being. God has created humans with a physical and a spiritual body. People that believe in souls would argue that as animals were created by God it is also possible for these creatures to have souls. Believers have explained this theory by comparing the body of cats (and humans) to a camera that has no film or to a candle that will only be lighted and be useful if there is a wick. This is what soul is all about…a soul makes an entity complete. With a soul, the cat would manifest intelligence and emotion Cats have emotions and anyone with emotions is believed to have souls as well. With a soul, a cat would have its own personality and identity.

Different faiths have different views on this belief. Christians believe that humans were made in the image of God and as such humans are more superior to animals. Humans were attributed with a spiritual essence that is not found in animals. Other Asian faiths though believe that as with humans, any other living creature has a soul. Cats and other animals are believed to have souls and human beings that have not lived righteous lives will be punished. The soul will be reborn and the next life will be as an animal. Many cat owners would recount how the dead pet would make their presence felt. Owners would assert that they have felt the touch of the paws or hear the faint meowing of the departed pet. Of course, this kind of situations can be wishful thinking on the part of the grieving cat owner more so because no owner would testify that they have seen the soul of the pet. It was never proven that cats have souls but then the fact that cats do not have souls was never proven either.