Do cats hold grudges?

Cats are believed to be the most popular pets in the world. Many people have chosen to have cats for pets because these animals’ serene nature. Cat owners are seldom heard complaining about the pet’s unwanted behaviors. Cats though are not very affectionate animals. Cat owners are often told to be prepared to be owned by the pet instead of the other way around. Many people even have the notion that cats hold grudges. Animal behaviorists have made various studies on the feline behavior however it was never proven that cats show resentment against their owners.

Whenever pet parents congregate stories about the antics of the pets will be swapped. Dog owners would brag about the tricks learned by the pet. Cats are not big on learning tricks thus cat parents would normally boast about how good natured and intelligent their pets are. How the cat can be left alone at home all day without worrying that the home will be wrecked. Cat owners assert that even if they were not able to provide the pet too much attention, the cat would not hold grudges and make the owner sorry for the neglect by being destructive. Really, cats would not be able to cause too much damage not only because of their size but because cats, unlike dogs are not very energetic animals. Cats do not get bored easily. Instead of gnawing a hole on the carpet or eating the door, a cat would spend the day grooming and when it gets tired of the activity the cat would sleep the day away.

Not all people are cat lovers. Some people would not only ignore cats but also abuse these animals. Cats are intentionally starved and when the poor animal filches food it is kicked or walloped by the abusive owner. In spite of these cruel treatments, cats would not stray. Cats would stay with the cruel owner but learn not to be in the path of the abusive person. Where then did the notion that cats hold grudges come from? Cats are often compared to dogs probably because these two animals are the most popular pets. It must be remembered that dogs are pack animals therefore it would be in their nature to please the leader of the pack. Dogs are noted for their affectionate personalities. Dogs bond closely with the human family thus a simple whistle would make the pet jump to come to the owner. Cats are different. Cats are solitary animals noted for their independent and aloof personality. Petting and cuddling would be allowed but only on the terms of the pet. Cats, unlike dogs would seldom come when called. A cat owner that has yet again failed to fill the cat’s food bowl because of busy a schedule would be guilty especially if the cat would appear indifferent to the attention being given by the remorseful owner. The cat may even appear not to know its name because it would ignore the calling of the owner. Cats don’t hold grudges but these are intelligent animals. A maltreated cat would know how to avoid the hand that inflicts pain.