Do cats know their name?

Many people will think that cats are not very smart animals. It is next to impossible for cats to learn tricks. Some cats would never learn where their toilet is. Cats are stupid because they don’t even know their names. Cat owners that believe they have formed strong bonds with the pet would think otherwise. They would say that cats know their name even though they would not always come when called. Is there a possibility that cats would not know their own name? Cats have excellent memories. Knowledge attained will be remembered for life. Cats would recognize a particular word often repeated by the owner thus cats would surely know their name.

It is not uncommon for pet owners to brag about the abilities of their pets. My pet can do this…my pet can do that! Dog owners would boast no end about the intelligence of the pet given the dog’s ability to learn tricks. Not to be outdone, cat owners would claim that their pets are very clever animals but they are too intelligent to perform silly tricks. Dogs are noted to have high levels of intelligence. If you are a dog owner you would surely agree to this fact. But are you aware that cats have a more extensive vocabulary. Studies have proven that cats can understand more words than dogs. Cat owners would attest that their pets can hold their end of the conversation. Of course cats do not have the ability to talk but it appears that these animals can understand what is being said by the owner. Cats would empathize with a grieving owner…cats would obey when told to get off from the owner’s lap. Cats have the tendency to vocalize but when told to stop, the cat would do so. Where does the notion that cats do not know their name comes from?

Coming when called is the nature of dogs. Dogs are pack animals and therefore have the innate desire to look up to a leader, to obey what the leader wants in order to receive praise. The owner is considered to be the leader of the pack and the inclination to please the owner is the reason why dogs would immediately come when called. Dogs are intelligent animals thus it would be expected that they would know their names. Cats have the innate ability to learn and to adapt to new situations. The excellent memory allows these animals to retain acquired knowledge. Cat owners would repeatedly call the name of the pet thus it would be impossible for a cat not to know its name. Cats though are very clever animals. Cats would not come when called especially when they do not know what is in store for them. Cats would ignore the calling master if they have sensed that they will be made to do things they do not want to do like downing a pill or taking a bath. It appears that cats have a virtual database in their heads. All knowledge and experiences acquired will be entered into the database. The cat would know that “Snowy” is the name given by its owner. The pet would recognize the word as its name so that every time it is mentioned some form of reaction will be elicited from the cat. However, this would not mean that the cat would come every time its name is called. Cats are solitary animals noted to have an independent nature. If coming when called would mean receiving a treat, the cat will instantly move but if the cat sees the owner holding the carrier that signifies a trip to the vet’s, the cat would feign indifference as if it does not recognize its name.