Do cats know their names?

Would cats appreciate all the efforts of their owners in giving them appropriate names? Would cats remember the name given or better still would cats know their names? Cats have the capacity to learn and anything learned stays in the cat’s mind for life. Cats certainly know their names.

Cat owners devote so much time and effort in choosing a name for the pet. Just like naming the baby, giving the pet a name would appear to be a personal thing. The cat owner would browse possible names on the Net or peruse books on felines. After exerting so much effort and finding nothing suitable, a possible name would pop out of the blue. Cats are cutesy little and not so little pets with different personalities. Unlike dogs, cats are independent and rather introverted creatures. This kind of personality suits some pet owners just fine. While some cat owners would give the pet the unimaginative “Cat” name, others would give a name that will suit the personality. A long haired cat will be named Fluff…one with a rather aggressive temperament will be given the name “Rambo”. Aside from the name given, cat owners are inclined to call the pet some other names. These names would be the cat owner’s terms of endearment for the pet. Fluff will be called Fup or Puffy. Rambo’s nicknames would include ram, bomb and even bambie. But would a cat answer to these various names? Cat parents would use the names interchangeably but would the pets understand that they are being referred to?

Contrary to the notion that cats are dumb animals and that they do not have much in their heads, cats are actually intelligent. Cats have the capacity to learn and because of their excellent memory any knowledge acquired will be retained for life. Cats never forget! When it comes to recognizing words, cats have a more extensive vocabulary as compared to dogs. This means that would know their names. When cats heard their names being mentioned, they would know that they are being referred to. Cats are lovable but cat owners know that their pets can at times manifest cunning and opportunistic behaviors. Despite the repeated calling of the owner, the cat would feign indifference…the cat would not come and appears as if it does not know that its name is being called.

Cats know their names but cats would not come unless they know that something can be gained. Cat owners know that calling the pet would be easier if there is a treat. Cats that see the filled food bowl would come at once when the name is called. These are clear proofs that cats indeed know their names. However, there are instances when cats would feign disinterest…would ignore the calling of the owner as if they do not know that they are being called. Remember, cats have excellent memory. Unwanted situations that occurred when the cat approaches the calling owner will be remembered. What are these experiences? Cats are generally afraid of water…cats would avoid a bath as much as possible. Cats that associate the calling of the pet parent to being forced to take a bath would not come when called. The same thing would happen if the cat knows that approaching the calling owner would mean that a pill will be crammed down its throat.

What should an owner do to entice the pet to come every time its name is called? Always use the name for things and situations that the pet would love like offering a treat or a toy. Call the cat’s name for a cuddle. This is a good way of making the cat associate the recognition of its name to positive things.