Do cats like dogs?

Cats and dogs are the two most popular pets in the world. It is not uncommon for these two pets to exist in one household. Unfortunately, cats don’t like dogs very much and dogs appear to share the animosity. Due to difference in personalities, it is not uncommon for these pets to declare an all-out war against each other. The skirmishes between the two pets, the unending chasing, barking and screaming can test the patience of the pet owners. Cats don’t really like dogs but something can be done to make these pets co-exist peacefully in one household.

Fighting like cats and dogs was coined from the age-old fight between these two animals. The animosity was mainly attributed to the difference in personalities. Cats as we all know are solitary animals. Dogs, on the other hand are playful and very friendly. It is not uncommon for a dog to chase a cat for fun. The dog’s size would naturally intimidate the cat thus instead of playing, a fight would ensue. In a household where both animals exist, the ongoing war can be caused by misunderstanding. Interspecies signal is the main reason why cats and dogs do not understand each other. A dog that wants to play would crouch and wag its tail. In feline body language, this is an invitation to fight. Genetics is another reason why these two animals dislike each other. Dogs are predators…dogs would chase small animals that move fast. Cats perfectly fit this description thus a dog would chase every time a cat is seen. Cats, on the other hand, would manifest a stalking behavior. Some cats would not be intimidated by an animal that is several times bigger than its size. A cat can pester the dog and then clamber in a place inaccessible to the bigger but clumsy animal. However, the cat would not be able to thwart the dog’s attack all the time. Pity a cat that gets into the clutches of the dog!

In a study conducted about cats and dogs 10% of the 200 respondents answered that their pet cats and dogs show indifference to the presence of one another; 15% observed aggression and fighting. Surprisingly, 75% of the pet parents interviewed answered that their dogs and cats get along just fine. The study has confirmed the theory that cats and dogs can tolerate each other. Cats can like dogs and both animals can become friends. Cats and dogs can be trained to live in harmony so that both pets can sleep together and even share one feeding bowl. This task would be easier if both pets were raised together. Puppies and kittens are both playful. Without the intimidating size of a grown up dog, the kitten would learn to accept the presence of the puppy. While it is better to introduce the pets while they are still young, mature dogs and cats can still be trained to accept each other. The trick is to introduce the pet gradually. A pet carrier or a baby gate can be used at least for the first few days just to keep the pets away from each other. The cat can be allowed to meet the dog that is securely leashed. The pets must be allowed to interact but close supervision will be necessary. In time, both animals will get accustomed to each other’s presence. Both the cat and the dog would not only learn to read each other’s body language but learn to talk each other’s language as well. Soon enough, the pets would be seen sniffing each other. The dog and the cat would be seen playing, eating and sleeping together. Who says cats don’t like dogs and that cats consider dogs as their mortal enemies?