Do cats like humans?

Anyone that has not had an opportunity to live with cats or people that do not like cats have the common notion that cats are opportunistic animals…that cats view the owners simply as a meal ticket. Although these people may have reasons for their way of thinking, they couldn’t be more wrong. Cats, unlike dogs may not be accused of public display of affection but these animals do form strong bonds with their people. Cats may not have the inclination to follow the owners around but one thing is certain. Cats do not only like humans…cats in fact love their human friends.

Cats are one of the most popular if not the most popular pet in the entire world. It is apparent that people love cats. Domestic cats have evolved from animals that were held in high esteem by pharaohs. Cats are animals that have amazed philosophers and scientists with their unexplainable behaviors and with their inexplicable capabilities. It is often said that cats were domesticated by humans but there is a possibility that cats have domesticated themselves. Cats were the ones that approached humans to search for food. From being denizens of the wild, cats have gravitated towards grain storage where their favorite prey…mice and other rodents are aplenty. Discounting the availability of food, cats would have stayed with humans because they like their two legged friends.

Cat owners would always want to have the pet around. Because cat owners would want to have the pet’s affection, the cat will be provided with all its needs. Some cat parents would own to the fact that they become putty in the paws of the pet. Instead of owning the cat, a cat owner is often heard admitting that they are owned by the cat. Independent, self-reliant, aloof…these are some of the descriptions given to these solitary animals. Cats would tolerate the attention, the petting and the cuddling of the owners but only on their own terms. Because cats would always want to do their own thing, non-cat lovers would view these pets as manipulative. They believe that cats do not really like humans but would only stay with their owners because these people provide all their (the cat’s) needs. Another argument of non-cat lovers is the cats’ habit of ignoring the calling owner. These pets would feign disinterest and would not come when called.

Cat owners would definitely disagree. Cats not only like humans…cats love humans too. Unlike dogs that show their affection to the human friend blatantly, cats would show their affection in very subtle ways. This is the reason why non-cat lovers would miss the signs of the cat’s affection. The meowing of the cat does not always mean asking for food. Pet owners often find out that the pet would only want to be picked up…to be cuddled. If this is not a sign that cats like humans, I don’t know what is. A cat that is comfortably sleeping on its well-padded bed would instantly jump into the lap of the pet owner. Another sign that the cat likes and loves their owners is their tendency to claim their owners as their own. This is done by rubbing the head and the face to mark the human friend with their distinct scent. Cats indeed like humans. Cats’ tendency of bring dead prey to their owners is one sure sign of these animals’ love for their owners. No other pet would share their food with their human friends. Cats are known to stay in households where they are mistreated. Cats would rather endure the abusive treatment rather than be parted from its beloved human friends.