Do cats like kisses?

Cats are often viewed as solitary and aloof animals. Cats though have different personalities. Although cats form strong bonds with their human friends, the affection these animals show to their human family depends on the kind of personality, on the breeding and to a great extent to the way they were socialized. Some cats would not appreciate the owner’s show of affection while others would not only show their loving nature but actually demand affection and attention from the owners. Cat owners and their pets have different ways of showing affection. It is therefore possible for cats not to appreciate the kisses given by the owners.

Did you know that the cat can find its owner’s habit of giving kisses very irritating? This fact can occur even in cats that have closely bonded with their owners. If you are a cat owner, you surely have noticed the pet’s inclination to squirm whenever it is embraced. True, a cat can jump into the lap of the owner on its own. A cat that is lying down on the rug in front of the fire would rouse from sleep as soon as the owner sat down on the sofa. Without having second thoughts, the cat would swap the comfortable position on the rug to lie down rather awkwardly on the lap of the owner. Cats that form strong bonds with the owners would manifest affectionate behaviors. The petting and the cuddling of the owner would be accepted but only on the cat’s terms. Even if the owner would still want to hug and kiss the pet, it would let out a protesting growl and jump away. Cat experts believe that these animals have a rather low pain threshold and the continuous petting and cuddling can be painful. What of kissing the pet…why do cats find the kiss of the owner rather unpleasant?

What are the signs of cat’s affection? Cats are naturally wary of humans but one good sign that the cat feels affectionate is kneading, the feline habit that is commonly known as “making biscuit”. A cat that kneads against the owner’s body is showing unreserved trust and affection. Grooming sessions are ideal bonding times with the pet but cats are known to resist the grooming efforts of the owner. Cats have the habit of grooming each other. A cat that is allowing the owner to groom is actually recognizing the owner as a member of the feline family. Head butting or the rubbing of the head against humans is another form of feline affection. The cat transfers scent secreted by the scent glands on the face to mark people considered as its own. The fixed stare of a cat can be unnerving more so because these animals are often viewed to have otherworldly personalities. However, cats manage to show their own interpretation of a wink to people they like.

These gestures have indeed proven the fact that cats have grown to love their human friends. Why then do cats dislike being kissed? Cats were domesticated…these animals have gotten used to living with humans. However, it must be remembered that their innate self-reliant and solitary personality remained. Cats are wary of the attention received from humans. In a group of people, cats tend to approached those that are not giving them attention. Petting and cuddling may be tolerated but kissing can be too much for a cat. Cats’ aloof personality makes them nervous whenever are held close so that escape would be impossible. An owner about to kiss the pet would hug and hold the cat close. The kiss may not be viewed by the cat as a sign of the owner’s affection given that they show their love to humans in a much different manner.