Do cats like peanut butter?

My cat just loves peanut butter. Every time I take out the PB jar, my fur ball would come running. Apparently, the ultrasensitive nose will direct the cat to where the smell comes from. Do all cats like peanut butter? Cats have different personalities thus it is expected that these animals would also have different tastes. Add to this is the kind of exposure the cat had to different human foods. After domestication, cats have adapted to eating human foods. One of these foods is peanut butter. Some cats would turn their noses on peanut butter but generally, cats like the taste of peanut butter.

It has been the habit of pet owners to share their foods with the pet. The cat or the dog will get a taste of the family’s dinner. Children are known to form strong bonds with their pets thus anything that the kid eats will be shared with the pet as well. For centuries, peanut butter was considered as an American staple food. PB sandwiches are mainstays in children’s snack boxes. Peanut butter is a favorite culinary ingredient as it gives dishes a sophisticated taste. Peanut butter smeared on bananas, apples or on any other kind of fruit is a favorite snack. Peanut butter is indeed finger-licking good! It would not be uncommon to see people licking PB from a spoon and after having his/her fill the spoon will be given to the pet to lick. Cats like peanut butter but is this human food good for the pet?

Peanut butter is a very versatile food. As mentioned, it is used as cooking ingredient. PB is also used on drinks. Are you aware of the old wives tale about peanut butter on cats? It is believed that smearing peanut butter on the cat’s paws will prevent it from wandering and if ever it does wander, it can find its way home. It is a good thing that cats like peanut butter. Pilling the pet has never been made easier with peanut butter. A dab of peanut butter is used to hide the pill and because cats love eating this human food, the pill will be easily eaten as well. There is no doubt that cats like peanut butter but is peanut butter good for the pet?

It is kind of cute to watch the cat’s pink tongue darting in and out of the mouth to lick off the peanut butter from the fur around the mouth. An amused cat owner would repeatedly dangle the spoon to allow the pet to lick. Given in moderation, peanut butter would have no dangerous or unwanted effects on cats. Studies have proven that cats cannot taste sweet thus a pet owner should not worry that the pet would overeat. Overeating peanut butter can cause diarrhea. Remember, peanut butter is a human food. It would be alright for the cat to have a lick every now and then but gorging on peanut butter would cause the cat’s system to go haywire. Too much peanut butter can upset the cat’s digestive system. In any case, cats do not really need to eat peanut butter. Cats are obligate carnivores and they would only get the nutrients they need from eating animal flesh and organs. Cats though do not know how to police themselves when it comes to the food they eat. Ensuring that the pet gets the right amount and the right kind of food is the responsibility of the owner. This means that the cat parent can indulge the peanut butter-loving pet with a small amount of PB every now and then. PB can be given as a treat but allowing the cat to finish off a jar is certainly a big NO!