Do cats like to be held?

What does your cat do when you pick it up? Does the cat struggle to be free? Does it frantically meow and with the flailing tail try to jump? Or would the cat snuggle closer and purr contentedly? Some cats like to be held. Kittens would not protest even if they are held rather closely by their young owners. Most cats though would not want to be confined even in the arms of their owners.

Does your pet cat resist being held? Does it struggle and scream for dear life whenever you hold her in your arms? Welcome to the club! My cat and a lot of other people’s pet cats do not like to be held too. My kitty sleeps with me, jumps on my lap the instant I sat down on the couch. She purrs when she is petted and when her belly is rubbed. She even tolerates my kisses but she draws the line at being held. The cat is especially garrulous if I pick her up and hold her in my arms while I am standing. The cat would flail and scream and would not hesitate to unsheathe its claws until I allow her to jump from my arms. The cat accepts my affectionate gestures but being held is definitely out of the question.

Cats are really perplexing animals. Cats have been domesticated for years but cat owners and cat lovers still fail to understand the workings of a cat’s mind. Cats have different personalities. Some cats are very affectionate although these animals are generally noted for having an aloof and independent personality. Affectionate cats would welcome the loving attention given by the owners. Other cats though make their own decisions on how they will interact with humans. Cats would make up their minds whether to come or not when called. Refusing to be held is a manifestation of the cats’ independent personality. Domestication has not totally removed the wary behavior of cats. It is quite surprising that cats that were born and raised as indoor pets and cats that have never experienced being threatened by predators would still have the inherent wariness for anything or anyone that appears to be threatening. By the way the cat struggles you would think that it was abused.

Animal behaviorists have an explanation for the cat’s behavior. It is possible that the cat was not properly socialized. Kittens that are accustomed to being cuddled, to being petted and even kissed would not protest when held when they get older. Another possible reason why cats do not like to be held is because they are afraid to fall. The cat accepts the affectionate overtures of the owner. The cat that jumps on the lap of the owner would not protest when picked up and held by the owner but once the owner stands up, the pet would start struggling. Alas, the cat that can jumps from high rise buildings is afraid of dropping from the arms of the owner.

It is understandable why cat owners would want to hold the pet. Cats after all are cuddly and lovable animals. If your cat does not want to be held, let it be. Remember, cats have razor sharp claws. You should never force a cat that does not want to be held not if you don’t want the pet to put its mark on you.