Do cats like to be kissed?

Cats generally don’t like to be kissed. Kittens would be acquiescent of the owner’s affectionate gesture probably because of their small size. Kissing grown up cats though would be another matter. While some cats would gracefully accept the kisses of the owner… would even purr in contentment at the affectionate attention received, most cats hate being kissed. It would not be unheard of for these pets to protest vocally, to struggle and even to unsheathe their claws just to avoid the kisses bestowed by the human friends.

What is it with cats? You would think that the hundreds of year’s domestication would have accustomed these animals to human ways. Cats do form bonds with their owners but unlike dogs, cats would only do what they want to do. To the consternation of cat parents, cats have the inclination to using their own minds. Cats would not come when called. Cats would accept the cuddling and the petting of their owner but only on their terms. Cats do not like being held. Cats do not like being kissed!

Small kittens may not protest when cuddled and kissed by the owners. It is not uncommon for children to form strong bonds with the pets. A kid’s affectionate gestures to the small furry pet would include not only petting and cuddling but smooching as well. It is even possible for the child to inadvertently hurt the pet. The kitten would not protest probably because of the bond it has formed with the young owner. Because of the small size, the kitten may not have a choice but to accept the kisses bestowed by the owner. Cat parents know that kissing grown up cats is different as the pet tends to struggle. Most grown up cats would not want to accept the owner’s kisses. Why?

Years of association with cats made people aware of these animals’ personality. Cats are solitary and independent animals. Domestication has not totally removed the innate wary behavior of cats. Cats, especially indoor pets would have no reason to be constantly on the lookout for possible attacks of predators. In spite of this fact, cats would scamper instantly if they feel they are cornered or restrained. Because of the innate aloof and wary personality, the cat would misconstrue the affectionate gestures of the owner as threatening. Cat owners know that the pet tends to struggle when hugged of kissed thus to bestow kisses, the owner would commonly hold the pet securely and of course being restrained is one of the things that the cat does not want.

Another reason why cats would resist being kissed is that the pet may not understand what the cat owner is doing. Remember, cats have different ways of showing affection. Animal behaviorists believe that cats kiss too but their kiss is way too different from human kiss. So how do cats kiss? Cat kisses are not unlike a kid’s “flying kiss” because cats kiss with their eyes. Cats that are bestowing kisses would have a relaxed face and tipped back almost sagging ears. The eyes would be half closed so that the cat may appear to be almost squinting. Overall, the face would appear relaxed and almost smiling. With this kind of kissing, the cat can convey its affection to the human friends. Cat parents may want to learn how to show affectionate gestures that will not be viewed by the pet as a threatening action. Cat parents can learn to kiss the pet the cat way. Of course this would be less satisfying especially for a very loving pet owner but it would be a much better option than forcing a kiss on the cat and gaining the cat’s signature from its unsheathed claws.