Do cats like water?

Cats do not take a shining to water. Cats are not big in drinking water either. This is probably the reason behind the common notion that cats do not like water. Actually, some feline species do like water. Domestic cats have divided votes on water issues. Some cats like water…others don’t.

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats hate water. Just as with domestic cats, big cats also have differing opinions in this issue. Lions are not big on water. The king of the jungle would avoid water as much as possible. Tigers and leopards on the other hand, love water so much. These big cats would actually look for watering holes especially during hot weather. To cool off, these big cat species would splash and swim.

Domestic cats are believed to have originated from cats that came from arid regions. As the history of cats goes, cat domestication started when Egyptians began cultivating crops. Cats have become indispensable and most helpful denizens of grain storehouses. It is not surprising why cats did not develop a liking to water given that Egypt is a barren region. However, it was also noted that cats that have evolved from regions with cold climates do not like water either.

What are the reasons why cats do not like water? The coat is what keeps the cats warm. Getting wet would compromise the coat’s ability to insulate the cat against cold because water is trapped in the coat. Moreover, drenching the coat removes the natural oils that protect the skin. Cats have sensitive ears and water that gets into the ears can cause infection. Being immersed in water will frighten cats and trigger a nerve that will cause the cat to pant. Bottled water companies would close shop if the only consumers are cats because these animals are not big on drinking water. It’s not that cats don’t like drinking water. Cats are seen lapping water from the toilet bowl or from a dripping faucet. However, cats don’t really need big amounts of water because the water requirement of the body is obtained by eating prey.

Not all cats dislike water. Some domestic cat species like the Bengal cat, the Turkish Van and the Manx are water lovers. The Turkish Van has an affinity with water because it originated from the Lake Van area of Turkey. The cat species has a very soft fur that dries up easily thus swimming in the lake is not a problem for this cat breed. Another cat breed that likes water is the Bengal cat. The Manx cats, the cat breed that comes from the Isle of Man and noted for having a very short or no tail loves water as well. It is believed that these domestic cat breeds have developed a love for water because they have spent lots of time in ponds, lakes and in any other water forms to find food.

Domestic cats are generally afraid of water. These pets would put up a good struggle when bathed. However, quite a number of companion cats like water. Owners of these pets are lucky because these cats would not put up a fight when bathed. These cats actually love playing on the two to three inch water on the tub or on the sink. These cats appear to like the sound and sight of flowing water from the faucet and would play in the water every chance they can have. Cats can be taught not to fear water. Desensitizing is best done when the cat is still very young. Kittens that are made to play in shallow water would eventually learn to like water.