Do cats loose teeth?

Cats have very strong teeth. However, cats can have dental concerns overtime especially if the necessary care is not given to the teeth. One of the dental problems cats can have is loose teeth. Just as with humans, the quality of life would be affected even by a condition as simple as loose and wobbly teeth.

Cats are predators and they have the kind of teeth that are specifically structured to instantly kill, to rip and tear the prey apart. The fangs can easily sink into the prey’s flesh to sever the neck. Healthy teeth are very important to cats. Unlike their human friends, cats cannot use dentures. As with any kind of health concerns, early treatment would mean fast recovery. Unfortunately dental health concerns of cats are not given much attention. A wound on the cat’s skin will be easily seen especially if it is bleeding. A broken leg that makes the cat limp will be noticed as well. This is not so with dental problems. The pain associated with teeth or gum problems will certainly make the pet uncomfortable but the pain will not stop the cat from eating. The owners therefore would have no idea about the cat’s dental concerns. Add to this is the fact that most cats would not want their teeth examined. The dental concern can get progressive until it would no longer be possible to save the affected tooth. Cats would put up a good struggle every time the teeth are cleaned. As such, not many cat owners would take the time to brush the cat’s teeth regularly. Regular dental care that would Keep the pet’s teeth healthy is one of the things most cat parents fail to do.

Loose teeth are one of the dental problems cats can have. A cat’s loose tooth can be caused by a mouth injury like when cats fight with other cats or with other animals. It is also possible that the loosened teeth resulted from an impact when the cat falls from heights. Loose teeth usually point to the existence of a gum problem. The most common cause of loose teeth is periodontal diseases. Cats cannot brush their own teeth and most cats would not allow the owners to “violate” their mouths. This would lead to tartar buildup especially in cats that eat dry food. Tartar causes the gums get inflamed and to rot and because the teeth are supported by gums, the tendency of the teeth is to become loose. Inflammation and rotting of the gums would cause bacteria to destroy teeth bone socket thereby resulting to loosened teeth. The fangs and the front incisors are commonly affected. If the cat is inspected closely, the owner would notice that the loose teeth would wobble and would appear lower than it usually was. Loose teeth would be painful. Eating can be immensely uncomfortable for the pet. Cats with loose teeth have to have an animal dentist’s attention. As mentioned, the most common cause of loose teeth is periodontal disease. The vet would prescribe medications for the periodontal disease. Animal dentists would try to save the loose tooth but if it is not possible, the tooth has to be extracted.

Teeth are very important to cats. Cats don’t really chew their food just like we humans do but the teeth are used to tear the food into smaller pieces that can be easily swallowed. Maintaining the cat’s oral hygiene is therefore necessary. Cats would be more accepting of the owner’s effort to clean the teeth if this grooming session was introduced while the pet is still a kitten. Regular checkup would be necessary as well to uncover any underlying oral disease.