Do cats love people?

From being denizens of the wild, cats have gravitated towards areas where there are people. Cats have made people aware of their presence. It is undeniable that this behavior can be spurred by hunger…by the cats’ need to have an every ready supply of food. However, cats can always hunt or rummage food from people’s trash. Why then would these animals noted for being independent, aloof and self-reliant park on someone’s doorstep…ready to be invited in. Some stray cats have followed people to their homes. Why would cats befriend people? These are only some of the signs that cats love people.

It is a common knowledge that cats are self-reliant animals…that these furry pets can survive without human intervention. Cats are often dubbed as aloof and antisocial animals. Actually, there is some degree of truth to this notion as cats really did survive using their own resources before they were domesticated. Cats in the wild do not seek the company of other cats. Cats hunt alone and live alone. Cats would only seek other cats during mating season. If cats do not seek members of their own species it is not surprising if they do not appreciate the company of humans as well.

Cats really are mysterious creatures. People that never had the chance to live with cats would have the notion that these animals are moody, unfriendly and opportunistic. These snooty animals would not even answer to the owner’s calling. Staying with humans and enduring the cuddling and the petting is only a cat’s survival strategy. These notions about cats can never be more wrong! Cats are known for their independent personalities but over long years of association with humans, cats have changed their ways. The attention, care and love given by the owners are fully reciprocated. Overtime, cats have formed strong bonds with the human family. Cats have shown signs of their love for people.

Do cat really feel love for people? How would a cat manifest its affection for its owners? Scientists that have studied the behaviors of these animals have observed indications that cats experience many of the human emotions. Cats show their love for people through various behaviors. Cats would attempt to make affectionate body contact. Cats would rub their bodies against people. It will be noticed that cats would manifest this behavior only to the human family. By doing so, the distinct smell of the cat is transferred to the person it claims as its own. These aloof animals have really grown to love people. Every chance they can get, cats would jump into the lap of the owner to be cuddled, petted or to enjoy a belly rub. Cats though would be their usual wary self among strangers.

Cats would try to offer comfort. These mysterious animals appear to know if the owner is troubled and needs comforting. Their own way of offering comfort is done by rubbing against the owner’s legs, or jumping into the lap. It would not be uncommon for a cat to do funny tricks just to amuse its unhappy owner. These animals are known to grieve the loss of the favorite person. The death of the beloved owner can make a cat withdraw from the company of the other family members. The grieving cat would even refuse food. These are sign that cats indeed love people. Dogs are famed for being man’s best friends because of the affectionate bond they form with their owners. However, dogs and any other pets for that matter would not share their food with the human family. Cats bring gifts to their owners even if they are in the form of hunted prey. If this is not a sign of the cats’ love for people, I wouldn’t know what is.