Do cats make good pets?

Cats are considered to be the most popular pets in the world. Sharing the home with a cat is very rewarding. As such most homes would have not only one cat but several because one pert cat would not be enough for a cat lover. This goes to show that cats indeed make not only good but excellent pets.

Cats’ association with humans started thousands of years ago. Cats were worshiped as gods by the early Egyptians because of these animals’ mysterious and otherworldly personality. Cats these days may no longer enjoy the kind of veneration accorded by the rulers of ancient Egypt but there is no doubt that cats are one of the most loved pets. For a cat lover, cats would win over any other animals hands down! But anyone that has never had the opportunity to have cats for a pet or never had the chance to live with cats would ask why these furry felines make good pets. Why do cats make good pets?

Cats are the most ideal choice for a pet in today’s household. Cats have the reputation for being self-reliant animals. Due to the demand of modern lifestyle, most pet parents do not have ample time to devote to the pet. Pets are generally left alone at home all day. Dogs that are left at home with no toys or no one to play with will become bored. Bored dogs tend to develop destructive habits. This is not so with cats. A cat owner can leave the pet alone all day without worrying that the pet would get bored and spend its day being destructive. Cats do miss their owners but being independent animals, cats would know how to amuse themselves. After grooming for hours, the cat would either sleep or spend the day looking out of the window. Cats, unlike dogs, are less demanding of the owner’s attentions. Cats are less active and would not need to be regularly walked to expend excess energies. This makes cats suitable companions of aging pet owners.

Cats are low maintenance pets. Cat foods, even the well-known brands are very affordable. Cats are hardy pets probably because these animals tend to stay indoors thus aside from the occasional vet visit, cat owners would not need to spend too much for the pet’s medical bills. A piece of paper tied to a string would provide the pet hours of enjoyment. Owners would not need to purchase expensive toys for the pet. Aside from being clean animals, cats are notorious groomers. Pet parents, especially busy ones would not be saddled with the need to groom the pet frequently. It is not uncommon for cat lovers to be dog lovers too. This is why these two animals are commonly found in the same household. Not many pet lovers have the available space for dogs. Cats are suitable pets for people living in apartments. Aside from the size, cats, unlike dogs would not disturb the neighbors with their excessive barking.

Cats are often viewed as aloof animals. There is a common notion that cats view the owners only as meal tickets. Cats though have great measure of love to give. These fascinating animals would know when to stay unobtrusive and when to offer their comforting presence. One of the reasons why cats are attributed with mysterious personality is because they appear to know if the owner needs comforting. Cats may feign disinterest but these pets have the capability of showing their owners loads of love…the cat way.