Do cats miss their owners?

Pet parents form strong bonds with the pet. Pets are considered as a family member. It would not be surprising for people to treat the pet as the baby of the family. Cats are one of the most loved pets. A cat owner that would be away for a while would make sure that the pet is left with trusted pet sitters. Cat owners separated from the pet even for just a few days will certainly miss the pet. But would the cat miss the owner too? Cats may have the reputation for being aloof and independent animals but once they have bonded with their owners these animals would be the most loyal and affectionate pet any pet parent would ever want. Cats have different personalities but most would miss their owners.

One of the very reasons why cats become one of the most if not the most popular pets is because these animals have the kind of emotions that is very similar to humans. We have gotten used to the notion that dogs are man’s best friends because of the loyalty and affection they show to their owners. Cats on the other hand are very self-reliant animals. Unlike dogs that need their owner’s attention, cats are believed to exist practically without human intervention. Of course this is not true. Contrary to the common belief, cats are not opportunistic animals the bond with the humans out of the need to survive. Cats can love their owners as deeply as dogs do but they have a different way of showing their affection. Cats that are parted from the owners would certainly shows signs of missing their favorite people. Cats are known to suffer from separation anxiety. Cats would show signs of missing their owners.

Change in eating pattern is one of the most common signs that cats miss their owners. Cats left to pet sitters or even to friends known to the cat would be noticed to have gone off their food. The cat would consume lesser amounts of food and may not eat as often as it used to. The inappetance of the pet can be attributed to a medical condition but as what would commonly happen, the cat’s appetite will be restored upon the return of the owner. Cats that are left to temporary owners are known to manifests other behavioral changes. For instance, a well-mannered docile cat would suddenly develop aggression and would start picking fights with other cats. This behavior is most noticeable if the pet is left in boarding houses. Development of aggressive behavior can be the cat’s way of dealing with the insecurity and anxiety caused by the owner’s absence. Cats can become too clingy to the other family members if the owner or if the favorite person is gone from home. Cats are independent animals. These pets would rather stay by themselves all day…sleeping on their favorite spot or looking at the world go by while perched on the window sill. A cat missing the owner that has gone away tends to demand attention from the other family members. Jumping on the lap of the other owners, cuddling with them and even sleeping on the owner’s bed are signs that the cat is missing its owner.

Just like a baby missing its mother, cats that are missing their owners would need reassurance and more attention. It would be a good idea not to create more changes in the cat’s environment or routine. If the cat will be cared for by a sitter, the toys, the feeding bowls or the favorite blanket must be taken to the home of the sitter. A piece of garment with the owner’s scent can be left with the cat. The familiar smell of the owner will be reassuring to a cat that misses its owner.