Do cats need a bath?

Cats are very clean animals. These fastidious groomers would spend the day away grooming their fur. So do cats need a bath? The answer is not really! But there are instances when a bath would be really NECESSARY. A cat owner would surely need to bathe the pet one day. As such it would be ideal to accustom the pet to being bathed.

“Why are you afraid of water?” “You’re not a cat!” Sounds familiar? It is the nature of most cats to avoid water at all cost. Have you noticed how your kitty would ignore the water bowl? Bathing is a big NO for these animals. It is not uncommon for cats to put up a big fight every bathing time. Once the owner is seen preparing the bathing paraphernalia, the cat will be gone in a flash. Some cat breeds like water but generally, these furry animals do not like water. Cats do not like getting wet because the fur coat that keeps the cat warm traps water. Moreover, frequent bathing will remove the natural oils that moisturize the cats’ skin. Cats are afraid of water. When cats are bathed, the shock that results when the body is drenched triggers a nerve that causes a cat to pant.

Bathing the cat is not easy especially if it is the first time. Three possible scenarios can happen when bathing a cat. A cat forced to bathe can end up being a traumatized cat. The area where the cat is bathed can turn into a disaster zone. The one bathing the cat can get hurt. Remember, cats have mean claws. Bathing a cat is normally not necessary. Show cats especially the long haired breed would need to be bathed to maintain the magnificent appearance of the coat. There are instances when companion cats need to be bathed. Cats are very curious animals that get into the most unlikely places. What do you think would happen to a white coated cat that has thought of being a chimney sweeper … or a cat that has wrestled with a can of paint? Cats that have spilled a toxic substance on the coat need a bath to remove the dangerous substance from the skin and also to prevent the pet from licking and ingesting the poison. Cats are hunters. The blood of the prey slathered on the coat has to be removed. Diarrhea is a messy and smelly condition. Oftentimes, the cat’s rear end would be matted with dried poop. Cats in these situations would most certainly need a bath. Cats can be infested with ectoparasites. Vets would usually recommend medicated baths for the cat.

Normally cats do not need a bath but because of the above mentioned situations, it would be to the owner’s advantage if the pet is exposed to bathing while still young. A cat that was accustomed to getting the body wet while still young would not put up a fight whenever it needs to be bathed. However, it would still be possible to bathe an older cat with the least fuss. The trick is to prepare all the bathing implements beforehand. The shampoo, soap and towel must be within easy reach. A helper can make the task easier. One person will hold the cat while the other is shampooing the pet. Cats are not really big animals thus the sink would already be ideal. Cats’ ears are prone to infection. Cotton balls can be used to protect the ears. Use lukewarm water in bathing the pet. Remember not to place the pet’s head directly under the tap. Cats would put up a good struggle if the head and face are drenched. A wet washcloth can be used to clean the cat’s face and head. Finish the bathing session by thoroughly drying the cat with a warmed towel.