Do cats need baths?

Normally, cats do not need baths. However, situations can arise where spot bathing or using a damp washcloth on the pet would not be enough to remove the filth or the unwanted smell from the cat’s coat. The need to bathe the pet would therefore come up every now and then.

Cats are one of the most loved pets. Cat owners have the inclination to hug and kiss the pet. Cats are as well allowed to sleep with the owner. This is one of the reasons why cat owners would want to frequently bathe the pet. Cats though do not really need baths. Every cat owner knows that their pets are fastidious groomers. Cats spend long hours licking the fur with their raspy tongue. As if cleaning themselves is not enough, several cats in one household would be seen grooming each other. Add to this is the fact that most cats stay indoors thus the immaculate condition of the coat is kept. Cats do not really need human intervention to keep themselves clean. The fastidious grooming habit is advantageous for these animals primarily because cats do not like water… cats generally do not like being bathed.

Not all cats hate water. The Bengal cat, the Manx and the Turkish Van are some of the breeds that love water. Owners would not find bathing these pets difficult. Majority of the cat breeds though do not like water thus owners would find the task of bathing the pet challenging. Instead of bathing the pet, most cat owners would simply use a damp cloth on the cat’s fur. However, there are situations when sponging the cat would not be enough. What are these situations? What would make a cat owner decide to bathe the pet?

An indoor cat may decide to have an adventure in the great outdoors. The jaunt can result to a filthy and smelly fur. The pet may have investigated the trash and in doing so have obtained a fur that is drenched in toxic chemicals. The cat may come home smelly because the fur is decorated with rotting things. The toxic substance would have dangerous effects on the cat’s skin. The dangerous effects can be compounded if the substance is ingested given the cat’s tendency to lick the fur. Removing the toxic chemical for the cat’s fur is therefore very necessary. No pet parent would want to cuddle and kiss a smelly pet. The cat needs shampoo or soap to totally remove the unwanted odor. What are the other situations that require cats to get a bath?

Cats need baths if they are infested with parasites. Fleas, mites and ticks are common external parasites of cats. Vets usually prescribe medicated baths to remove these freeloaders from the cat’s fur and skin. Bathing the pet becomes a challenging task primarily because cats would put up a good fight just to avoid being wet. A cat that has dried feces on its anal area because of diarrhea would certainly need a bath. Blood of prey slathered over the cat’s fur must be removed as well. Simply sponging the cat would not remove the foreign substances from the fur. Cats don’t really need baths but these situations require bathing the pet. Whether the owner wants to bathe the pet or not, the task has to be done. Bathing the pet would be made easier if the pet was trained not to fear water. Show cats are accustomed to getting bathed because the gorgeous appearance of the coat must be maintained. If these cats were trained to accept this grooming routine, companion cats can be trained being bathed as well.