Do cats play fetch?

Pet guardians are aware of the importance of training the pet. However, because of the common notion that cats are difficult to train, not many cat owners would take the time to train the pet. Because of the dog’s trainability, dog owners are too enthusiastic to teach the pet tricks. Fetching is a common trick learned by dogs. Given the cat’s independent personality, cat owners commonly believe that it is impossible to train the pet. Cats though can be trained. A cat that plays fetch with the owner is not a farfetched idea. Cats can be trained to play fetch.

Playing fetch is not a game exclusive to dogs. Cat owners can play fetch with the pet too. Despite the common notion that cats are unresponsive when it comes to training, a lot of cat owners have managed to pull off the training and have lots of enjoyable times with the pet. The persistence of these people to train the pet paid off. Aside from the fact that cats are intelligent animals, cats, especially kittens are very playful too. Not much effort would be necessary to train the pet given that these animals are already accustomed to playing fetch. Cats are efficient hunters. Before making a kill, cats would play with the prey first. Notice how a cat that allows a prey to get away for a while would suddenly pounce to have the prey in its clutches. This playing with the prey will be repeated again and again until the exercise tires out the cat or the prey dies. The cat is actually playing fetch. Has your pet cat ever gifted you with a dead prey? Again, the cat is playing fetch by bringing home the dead bird, mouse or lizard. You might say that this is not the kind of play fetch dog and dog owners do but this is actually the foundation that would allow you to train your cat to fetch.

Dog lovers would say that cats are not intelligent animals because they would not respond to training. Cat owners would assert that their pets are too intelligent to respond to the kind of training that does not interest them. Cat owners may have a point. To make the training easier, it would be best to use a toy that is favoured by the cat. The cat’s hunting instinct is piqued by anything that moves fast. Throw the cat’s favourite toy across the room. The cat would scamper after the toy. However, do not expect the cat to bring back the toy, at least during the first few training sessions. Patience is necessary here. Take the toy and throw it a small distance away from the cat. Repeat the process…throw…get…throw… get. If you throw the toy again and again the cat will eventually realize that it would be more fun if he brings the toy back to you. Expect to be frustrated for a while. With frequent practice sessions, the cat will finally get the hang of playing fetch. To make the training easier, make sure that the pet is on its playful mode. Believe me… making the pet respond to training would be next to impossible if all it wants to do is to sleep. Remember, cats have short attention spans. Make the training sessions short and sweet. Another good idea is to put a label on the action. Cats don’t talk but these intelligent animals would eventually associate the sound of the word to the action. The command Fetch will be recognized by the cat. Cat and owner would spend so many enjoyable times playing fetch. Now who says cats do not play fetch?