Do cats protect their owners?

Cat owners protect the pet from its predators, from dominant animals and from abusive people. But do cats protect their owners too? Aside from dogs, there are many other guard animals. Cat is one. Not many people, especially non-cat lovers know that cats are protective animals. Cats are known to be protective of their owners.

Indeed, cats are mysterious animals. Cats are full of surprises because they are associated with supernatural occurrences. Aside from the famed nine lives, people believe that cats have the unexplainable ability to foretell ominous incidents People are confounded by the cat’s otherworldly and mystical personality. During the ancient times, cats were worshipped because these animals are believed to have the extraordinary ability to ward off evil and dark entities. Of course, cats are as well associated with witchcraft. There was once a common belief that cats are witches’ familiars. Cats take the place of witches to save them from being burned at the stake. These beliefs though were not supported by scientific evidences. Modern day cat owners have their own stories to tell on how they were protected by their pet.

A cat managed to alert the sleeping owner to the presence of burglars. Another cat valiantly saved the young owner from being mauled by a big stray dog. People fear snakes but the agile cat has managed to kill one. The cat fought and killed the snake that was slithering on the bed of the sleeping owner. A cat owner was perplexed by the aggression shown by the usually well-mannered cat towards the boyfriend. It turned out that the boyfriend is a two-timing weasel. Cats protect the owners not only physically but emotionally as well. These are only some of the stories recounted by cat owners grateful for the protection given by the pet. Who would ever think that these serene and seemingly harmless animals…these pets that oftentimes appear indifferent to the attention given by the owner have the ability to bare the fangs, to unsheathe the claws when the need to protect the owner arises?

Cats are not as territorial as dogs. Cats though would protect their turf at all cost. It is not uncommon for cats to consider humans as a part of their turf…as their property. As what commonly happens, cats own the pet owner instead of the other way around. Unlike dogs that consider the owner as the master, cats would consider humans not only as their equal but most likely their property. And what is owned will be protected. Cats have the habit of marking the territory. The scent serves as invisible fence that protects the territory from the invasion of other cats and other animals. Cats have practically the same reason for protecting their owners. Cats are noted for their independent and solitary personality. Being antisocial loners, cats may appear indifferent to the attention of humans. These animals that typically feign indifference when called by the owners really form strong bonds with the owners. This bond is what makes cats think of the welfare of the owner…this affection is what makes cats protect their owners.