Do cats really have 9 lives?

Cats are mystical creatures. Many legends and superstitions are associated with these animals. A black shiny-eyed cat that silently slinks in the night would not fail to arouse fear especially from the fainthearted. Cats are often used as Halloween symbols because they are associated with evil forces and dark entities. Can this be due to the belief that cats have the ability to cheat death? Do cats really have 9 lives? Cat wise people would refute this common wives tale. Cats, just like any other animal only have one life. However, cats do have qualities that make them efficiently avoid death.

Where did this notion that cats have 9 lives originated? Cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt because of these animals’ mysterious aura. The belief that cats have 9 lives has probably originated in Egypt particularly in Heliopolis when the sun god Atum Ra created gods that rule the sky, moisture, earth and air. The group of nine gods was known as Ennead. Ennead means nine. Atum Ra often takes the form of a cat when he visits the underworld. Cats are also believed to be used by witches as familiars. Witches burned at the stake will be able to avoid death 9 times because they can take the lives of their cat familiars. These tales and legends of yesteryears no longer hold water in today’s age of rocket science. Scientists have tried to give a plausible explanation on the cat’s ability to dodge death.

Pet cats may appear to be serene animals that have nothing better to do than groom, eat and sleep. However, anyone that had the opportunity to live with cats would know that these four legged fur balls are very active and very playful. Cats would leave their very comfortable beds in favor of a tree limb. Cat owners can’t help but wonder at the pet’s unaccountable inclination to sleep on the roof or on top of a high fence. Apart from being explorers, cats are also accomplished acrobats. Scientists have made studies that explained the so-called nine lives of cats and their “mysterious” ability to cheat death.

Cats that fall from heights can remain unscathed because these animals have the ability to maneuver the body, the head, the legs and the tail into the kind of position that that will lessen the impact. The umbrella-like position is not unlike a parachute. The cat’s fall is significantly slowed. The cat would then bend and right the legs thus the cat would land squarely on its four feet. As the weight of the cat is evenly distributed, the chance that the fall will result to broken bones or to any other more serious injuries is minimized if not totally prevented. What is more amazing with these animals is that the higher the fall the greater is the chance of survival. The grace and flexibility cats have is not an assurance that these animals would always escape death. Cats’ nine lives is a myth. Cats cannot really escape death. This is why a cat that has managed to go out of the back door can come home with a limp or a broken bone. Cats are playful animals that have the inclination to roam. It is the responsibility of the cat parents to ensure that the danger to the life of the pet is minimized if not totally prevented.