Do cats recognize their owners?

Cunning, aloof, independent, opportunistic…these are the common descriptions of cats. Cats unlike dogs are less interested in the affection given by the owners. Non-cat lovers or people that have not lived with cats would even have the notion that these animals do not know their owners. This can be due to the fact that it is not uncommon for cats to ignore their owners. Cats would not even come when called! Although cats are not big on showing attention, these pets really do form strong bond with their owners. Cats definitely recognize their owners.

Cats really are antisocial animals. There is some degree of truth to the descriptions given to cats. In the wild, cats prefer to be alone. They hunt alone and live alone. The evolution of these wild animals into domestic pets had caused a significant change in their personality. Cats become accustomed to living with humans and in the process have also managed to form bonds with their pet parents. Cats are intelligent animals and this intelligence was shown by the ways cats bond with humans. Contrary to the notion that cats only perceive humans as the provider of their needs, cats that form attachment with their owners would reciprocate the attention and the affection they receive. Cats certainly recognize their owners.

Cats get to know their owners pretty much in the same manner that new owners get to know their pets. Given the intelligence of humans, it would be very easy for cat owners to know the pet. A new owner would need to give the pet the right kind of attention. Cats, unlike dogs would not instantly appreciate affection. It would take some time before cats would appreciate the cuddling and the petting. How do cats get to know their owners? Apart for the cat’s intelligence, these animals also have very sensitive senses. These senses will be used to recognize the owners. A cat would easily recognize the scent and even the sound of the owner’s footsteps. Cats choose to bond with a particular person and that person will be considered as the owner. The cat would then learn the routine of the owner. The cat that had been playing or sleeping while the owner is at work would station itself by the door to wait for the arrival of the owner. Cat owners often share the bed with the pet. It is not uncommon for the pet to be the alarm clock of the owner. When it is time to wake up, the pet would start meowing. Because cat owners often talk to the pet, the cat would also recognize the voice of the owner. These are examples of a cat’s current memory. But would a cat that was lost for years still recognize the owner? Very few cats have a very distinct appearance. A cat owner may not be able to recognize the pet that was lost for quite some time. A cat though would still recognize the owner even if it has already found another home.

Cats are always viewed as moody and unaffectionate animals. Cats are always compared to dogs because they are the most popular pets. Dogs would forever be considered as man’s best friends because of the loyalty and the affection these animals show to their human friends. Cats may not be showy with their affection but there is no doubt that these pets form strong bonds with their owners. There is no doubt that cats recognize their owners.