Do cats respond to their names?

Does your cat come when you call? Lucky you! Some cats would bond closely with their owners. The pets would appear to hang on each and every word the owner says. Majority of cat owners though have similar stories to tell…that their pets do not respond to their own names. Owners can spend hours calling the cat’s name but the pet would appear as if it does not recognize its own name.

It is natural for cat owners to want (and to expect) the pet to show appreciation for all the attention and caring they give. Cat owners though have accepted the fact that their pets have different personalities. People that have taken cats for pets know that these animals are not big on PDA. Cats, unlike dogs would not follow the owner around. Cats would not meet the owner with sloppy kisses. Cats though make loyal pets. The sight of the pet would brighten a cat lover’s day. Some owners would even attest to the affectionate behavior being shown by the pet. Cats are solitary and independent animals. Although domesticated cats have depended on their owners for their basic needs, these animals can still exist without human intervention. Cat owners would simply need to accept the fact that cats do not consider themselves as pets. Cats would consider humans as their equal. Some cats would even believe that they own the human providing their needs. It is therefore not unusual for a cat to ignore the calling of the owner.

Because of the cats’ inclination not to respond when their names are called, it is not uncommon for people to label them as dumb animals. Non-cat lovers have this notion because of the difficulty in training these animals. Cat behaviorists have explained that cats would not come unless they know what is in store for them. Cautious pets, huh? Additionally, both humans and cats understand the word respond differently. A parent calling a child would expect the child to respond. The child would either answer to signify that the calling was heard or the child would come. Cats would respond in a different manner. Cats know that their names are being called but they would not respond in the same manner humans do. Cats would not budge from where they are sitting because they do not know what will happen if they approach the calling person. What will be the cat’s response to the calling owner? An observant cat parent would notice the pet slightly wiggle its tail. The cat would also look at the calling person. These are signs that the pet is acknowledging the calling owner. If the pet is rather vocal, it would answer the calling owner with a small meow but ten to one, the cat would not come. What would make a cat respond when called? Some cats are food motivated. Try calling the cat and banging the food tin at the same time. The cat would surely come running. The same thing would occur if the owner rustles the paper bag containing the pet’s favorite treat.

Cat experts believe that these animals have a data base in their head that are constantly consulted. A cat that gets a pill crammed into its throat after it has responded to the calling of the owner would ignore any calling in the future. However, if the calling is associated with receiving its favorite food, the cat would come with alacrity once it hears its name being called. Apparently, cats can be trained to respond when their names are called.