Do cats scratch leather furniture?

If you love leather furniture, a cat may not be a suitable pet. Scratching is one of the innate behaviors of cats. These feline friends are attracted to the smell and feel of leather. Leather furniture is quite costly especially if they are custom made. You certainly would not want to keep on repairing or replacing the leather furniture that has the pet’s signature marks.

Leather has a certain appeal that draws people. Leather is a kind of status symbol. Anyone wearing a leather jacket or a pair of leather pants would be viewed by people as somebody. Soft leather is one of the most popular choices for seat material. A leather swivel chair is the most common choice of people holding key positions in the company. No vinyl chair for the boss please! Leather connotes elegance and opulence. Leather furniture for the home reflects the homeowner’s elegant taste. The luxurious texture lends elegance to any setting. Leather furniture would get high ratings in the looks department. Being a natural product, the furniture pieces would be very easy to clean. Leather gets better with age and because this material is durable, the furniture will retain its shape for a long time. Everyone that has a fascination for leather furniture knows that these pieces are not cheap. Leather furniture is durable but they can be costly. This is why owners would try to protect the valuable furniture as much as possible…a task that is difficult to accomplish if the household pets are cats.

Cats really do have the innate habit to scratch. If you have been scratched by your pet cat, you would know how mean the razor-sharp claws are. Cats use their claws to learn about their environment. Cats love scratching and sinking their unsheathed claws on the soft texture of leather. Cats also have ultrasensitive scenting abilities. Because leather is a natural material obtained from animals, it is expected to have a distinct smell. Cats find the smell of leather fascinating. The leather furniture will then be scratched. Cats are playful and sinking their claws on the leather seat would be a fun activity for the pet. However, cats have other reasons for using the unsheathed claws on any object they find interesting. Cats really do need to scratch to maintain the good condition of the claws. The claws are covered with sheath that gets ragged overtime. This claw covering has to be removed to expose the new razor-sharp claws. This claw covering is removed when the cats scratch. The inclination to scratch can be associated with the cat’s territorial behavior. As mentioned, leather furniture has a distinct smell. The furniture is scratched by the cat to mask the leather smell with its own scent. The scent glands found in the cat’s paws will secrete a distinct smell that is used by the cat to mark its territory.

Leather furniture and cats is a bad combination. The scratch marks made by the cat would mar the elegant appearance of the furniture especially if the cat managed to sink its claws on the leather so that fibers are drawn out from the leather. Getting rid of the cat would not be an option that will be considered by a cat lover. Fortunately, there are ways where the owner can keep the pet and still enjoy having the luxurious and elegant leather furniture. The first thing to do is to provide the pet with a scratching post. The cat must be trained to stay away from the leather furniture as well. Every time the pet turns its attention on the furniture it must be distracted with a loud noise. Cat deterrent products can be used as well.