Do cats scratch leather sofas?

Is it possible to train cats? Is it possible to prevent the cats from being destructive? Cats make good pets. Cats are wonderful to have around but just like any other pets, cats too have unwanted behaviors. If dogs chew, cats scratch. This inclination to scratch is one of the big problems of cat owners especially if the pet has become destructive. Cats love to scratch and one of the things these pets love to sink their claws on is leather. If the leather sofa is the favorite sleeping spot of the cat you can be sure to see the pet’s signature scratch marks. Yes, cats love scratching leather sofas.

You are so proud of the newly delivered leather sofa. After all you have tightened your belt just to be able to afford this piece of furniture that lends an elegant touch to your living room. Leather furniture pieces don’t come cheap but the sofa is well worth the scrimping. Leather is often viewed as a status symbol. Aside from this fact, the leather sofa would be durable and easy to maintain. Leather furniture though is not a good choice for anyone that loves cats. You will be dismayed if the pet had turned its attention on the new leather sofa and made small work of scratching the furniture.

Cat owners are aware of the fact that scratching is one of the natural behaviors of their pets. It is normal for cats to scratch as by doing so they can maintain the good condition of the claws. Scratching removes the old and ragged sheath that covers the claws. Once the dead outer layer is removed the new razor-sharp claws is exposed. Cats scratch to mark the territory. Aside from the visual mark, the scratched spot will bear the distinct smell of the cat that is secreted by the scent glands on the cat’s paws. Cats are playful and curious animals. Cats would investigate anything new in its environment. Because these pets do not have hands, the nose and the claws will be used to test the waters. Scratching is done to flex the feet and the claws as well as to stretch the body.

It seems that something in leather is very appealing to cats. It can be the soft texture or the smell of the leather. A cat can easily sink its claws and shred the leather sofa to pieces. The inclination to scratch the leather sofa can be associated with the need to mark the territory. The newly delivered sofa would be a novel sight…the smell of leather would be interesting too. Scratching the leather can be the cat’s attempt to override the leather smell with its own scent so as to claim the sofa as its territory. The leather sofa may not be new …. it has been there for ages and the cat has never once used its claws on the sofa’s surface. Suddenly, the pet found the sofa very interesting so that it has started scratching. There may be a disruption in the cat’s environment. A recent change in the cat’s life such as a new baby or the introduction of a new pet would make the cat manifest its scratching habit.

The cat should not be punished. Punishment would not stop the pet from being destructive. Get a scratching post instead and entice the pet to transfer its attention to the scratching post. Another trick is to use cloth seat covers. The pet can scratch but the leather will not be damaged. Remote punishment can be used as well. This includes startling the cat with a loud noise every time it is about to scratch the sofa or squirting the pet with cold water.