Do cats scratch leather?

Cats scratch… cats have razor-sharp claws. Cat owners must be aware of these facts especially if the cat owner loves leather. Cats and leather is a bad combination because these furry friends have an unaccountable desire to scratch leather.

Don’t leave your $500 luxury leather jacket or your pricey leather pans lying around if you have a cat for a pet. That is if you do not want to see you posh garments shredded by the cat’s sharp claws. If you have a new leather couch you have to be watchful as well. Scratching is one of the innate behaviors of cats. Cats’ sharp claws can be used to scratch furniture, clothes and any other object they can find. Leather is one of the materials cats love to sink their claws on. The smell of leather appears to be very interesting for cats. Actually anything owned by the human friend … anything that has the scent of the owner would be very interesting to the cat.

Scratching is a normal feline behavior. Cats have to scratch to maintain the condition of their claws. Claws are very important for cats as they are used as hunting tools and as defense against predators. Scratching will remove the sheath or the dead outer layer of the claws. The scent glands on the cat’s claws will leave the cat’s distinct scent thus scratching is believed to be the cat’s way of marking the territory. Cats are playful and inquisitive animals. Using the claws is one way of investigating their environment.

Why do cats love scratching leather? Cats that have closely bonded with their owners would find anything that has the owner’s smell interesting especially if the owner is away. The pet cat will then be seen sleeping on the garments used by the owner. If there is a leather jacket lying around, the cat would use the garment as its blanket. Guess what the cat would do before it would lie down to sleep? The cat would first scratch the leather jacket. Leather is animal hide thus it would still contain an animal odor that would be very interesting to cats given that these animals are predators with ultrasensitive scenting abilities. As mentioned cats are playful animals. Sinking the claws on the softness of leather would be very enjoyable for cats. Scratching the leather would have something to do with the cat’s inclination to mark the territory. To mask the scent of the leather with its own scent, the cat would scratch.

Leather garments and leather furniture are rather costly. No matter how well loved the cat is, the owner would still get irritated to see the scratch marks made by the pet. The cat owner therefore needs to train the pet not to sink its claws on the leather garment or furniture. Cats really need to scratch thus the first task of the owner is to provide the pet with a scratching post. Leather garments must be kept out of reach of the cat. Making the leather couch less desirable to scratch is another trick to stop the unwanted habit of the pet. Cats do not like sticky objects on their paws. A double-sided sticky tape placed on the spot usually scratched would prevent the pet from being destructive. The claws of the cat can be trimmed regularly. Some cat owners would opt to have the pet declawed but while this procedure can keep the leather safe from the pet, removing the claws will leave the cat defenseless too. Another trick is to use products of modern technology. Sprays that will be activated by the cat’s motion will surely stop the pet’s unwanted scratching habit.